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December 16, 2016
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October 22, 2004
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September 14, 1974
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Approved For Release 2pg4i9flFOll lA-RDP88-O1315ROOO' O6Oh o 9 lb y1 UJ,` By SEY90UR M. lIERSII! StxctAl to Th? New York Trmen WASHINGTON., 'Sept. 13- William? E. Dolby, N rector of Central Intelligence, said today that there would be no "major impact''-' on the nakion's's$curlty if the. United, States, ceased all cloak- and- dagger ,operations against foreign countries. "The current-;.$tatva of the world is sucti that we do not appeac'to be threatened at this time, ' ;Mr. L Colby *told - a :con- ference on:the,Ceptral' Intelli- gence Agency. and . covert activity. "The Capitol will still stand ': whetljer anyj particular action' does nr' does not take place ri.; s,.. :. ,'The 'C I.A. -director spent mara.~ than ::three: hours making a .speech and answering -often hostile questonsfrom the panel- ists and audience at the two- day conference,. sponsored by .the newly formed Center for National Security Studies. ARainst? Curtal.lment {e :nad .it clear, both,in his prepared address, and during the question-and-answer ses- sion, that he did not wish to , P - NS ,), -) etyn clu` Ellsberg's'psychlaCris t. - t Earlier, in response to a ques-1 Lion from Dr. Ialsber,n, ?4r.?Co!-t by had ackngwledged that the; C.I.A. may have had advance information about the' impend- ing coup 'd'etat' in Chile' that was rwt forwarded to the At- i-ande Government - - - Mr.' Colby, who had agreed to attend the two-day confer-! ence before the' press dis-, closures of the covert activities in Chile, pointedly noted in his prepared remarks that such .ac- tivities were conducted "onlyi when specifically authorized by; the National Security Council.."i "Thus," he added, "C.I.A. co- vert actions reflect --national policy." A number. of.. high officials have told The New York Times this. week ? that much of ?. the . impetus --for the . clandestine, policy against the Allende Gov-I ernmerrt was supplied by Sec-1 reta-ry of State Kissinger; who was serving as former Presi-i dent Nivon's nationaly. security; adviser in 1970. i - Arguing today in favor of covert actions, Mr. Colby said': that. 'a sovereign nation must' look ahead to changing circum- stances. orations curtailed. Those op the Crowded Senate.;hearine " "'harpcat arpest esi "ro o " the erations, officially, known as room, "but by audience lections in 1976." aue scame during a'f series e covert actions, have been the Alkhough,:he, had, announced of questiors a6out his a series partlci a.-i . focus of dispute this-week is that he would not discuss any Congress because of the- dis- tion l the his ir pacification rspecific details 'concerning the program and d his direct t role with with r?losude that the C.I.A. was au- C.I.A.'s clandestine involvement Operation Phoenix, 'a C.LA.- tiu rized to-spend more than in Chile, Mr. Colby all but spe- involved program. designed '.'to $8-million from .1970 to. 1973 cifically confirmed that the root out the Vietcong infra- in an effort to make it difficult agency, had been heavily ?.in, structure" that has been widely for President Salvador Allende volved. criticized. It has been charged Gossens of Chile to govern. Insisting that Congress had that the program resulted in the More than $7-million of the been kept informed about the deaths of. more than 20,000 authorized funds was spent. clandestine activities there, Mr. Vietnamese.. "I think it would be m.istakdn Colby declared, "I can't sal Haw v to derive our nation of the y many did r you ~ kill?" p that every dollar the -C.I.A. one youth shouted from the aiq- possibility of some moderate spent In Chile was individually dience. covert action response to a laporoved (by intelligence car.,- "I didn't kill any," Mr. Colby -F- Jul mattc protest and sending ink He took note or a letter, pub- At one point, panelist Daniel the Marines," Mr. Colby suid:!lished last week. describing the Ellsberg, who has said he was in his prepared address. - r -agency's activities in Chile be- responsible for turning over the Pectagon Papers to the press 1973 that had Mr. Colby's statements r ac- man or, various , members of knowledging that clandestine those committees." operations were not vital to Ilis account of the congres- the nation's Security did:,not sional overview was challenged seem to indicate any Impending by,ivir..Ilarrington and another change in the Ford Adiriinistra- member of, Congress attending tion's approach to such: activi- the conference,' Senator' James Aboure ties. The C.I.A. director-was ap- Dakota.zk, Democrat of South gues parently giving a candid assess- prDakota. Ietp ? Abourezk the C.I.A. was s ment of the value- of .such ac- providing -t briefings ding up-to-date tivities-as. viewed by him ta- ab(?ut:.current clandestine. op- day. erations to j he Congress; Mr. When a panelist; Richard; J. Harrington urged . a : broader, Barnet, author and former Ken- and more grltical, Congressional nedy Administration aide, asked overview of C.I.A. activities.: whether he could envision any In an obvious rebuke to those national security threats that who advocated more C.I.A. would justify covert activity in disclosure.,;-ta Congressional Latin America, Asia or Africa, committees,. Mr. Colby cbm? Mr. Colby said, I There are pialnea "*,het what , he aermed some,' yes," "the: leak'.'' abort:' the Chilgan "By security of 'the'! United involvement; l'ralses, ,the-: dilem- States,' -he repeated, -"I.do not nia.,'of ;. ho~,y ?we're? going'; to mean that the Capitol will fall supply the ,Congress with such by night. There are certain delicate information without' its things that today. are not' an disclosure.":;"; immediate danger to the United !'This Is?.a";matter,-'course, States:, but -.could become so-" for. the ;;Congress to ; decide," Discussing Chile, -MrriCpiby he added again' denied that'the C.I.A. ; Thmi gnut hislong apoear- plyed any direct role ,", .the ante today,:Mr; Colby expressed t id en overthrow of the late Pres little emotion;. and:'remained Allende ' W9_did look forward calm, even.' when confronted Later, in response to a ques- tween 1994 and thy I tion Mr Colby declared 4that been written earlier this year in 1a971,ry of delivered A.'as involve- ''these clays, "in view of the world situation and our poli- cies, we're not spending much !effort" on cladestine activities. "We're keeping our powder ' and musket dry," he said. ment in Watergate, provoking rhusetts. "At various times dui'' said , w informa- ing that period," Mr. Colby that provided no ne "the major steps were broughtItiorl about the known Involve- to the attention of the chair-;merit of the agency in the :break-in at the office of Dr. b u) S 1` (u 1) r Q S (/y v~ l;UeiTCt~~ 7 v .( ,/ G 3 eveA-7 1'd PhU~l) 1 x Approved For Release 2004/11/01: CIA-RDP88-01315ROO0200010015-9