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December 16, 2016
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October 22, 2004
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September 13, 1974
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Gt' TIMOR SUN gg 77 (, Approved For Release 2004/11 SIA1RDP88-01315R00U2.OD01 61 V t'-imj d All e. en h ou By DEAN ;MILLS I should be called before the' "It is no longer acceptatiie," Wash ngton Bureau of The sun 1 panel to give a public explana-'he said, "for the Congress to Washington - Senator?Frank;tion of the role of the so-called acquiesce in State Department J Church, the most influential administration critic on the Senate Foreign Relations Can- In his capacity as director of gressional committees and making statements, which, if the National Security not outright lies, are at least mittee, initiated a study yes-I Dr. Kissinger chaired the com- evasions of the truth. terday to determine whether mittee, which has responsibility , Senator Edward ICI. Kennedy State Department officials lied for covert activities of the Cen-I(D Mass.) said at least three ., . to various congressional, com- tral Intelligence Agency, times in the last year State De yesterday by urging Congress toi mittees about American in-i Mr. Harrington, citing secret partment officials made mis-l explore the CIA role in Chile. volvement in the overthrow of testimony by William " E..I 7 tt the Chilean regime of Salvador Colby, the CIA director, beiore ments tleants and deceptive state-~ 'We haven't done a damn, b to Congress about the thing . . . to revent the Presi a House Armed Services sub- P Allende. American role in Chile, it was dent from waging secret wars," committee in July, has Aides to the Idaho Democrat g disclosed. Senator Hart said. He said the charged that the CIA poured1 said yesterday the senator irr $11 million into Chile from 1962; In a letter to Dr. Kissinger? Colby testimony "has more pro-. . strutted his staff to make the study to 1973 to support Allende op- !Senator Kennedy described the found implications for our for . ponents and to "destabilize" statements as "contrary to my1eign policy than many i_riterna-' They said it will be. com- I the Allende government after understanding of the dual re- 1 Lion al issues in which Congress; pleted within a day or two, it came to power. sponsibility of Congress and theihas shown interest." clue whether to call for new i Department officials repeat- 1 testimony on the question. edly have denied any Ameri- Meanwhile, at a press con-lean involvement in the over- ference yesterday, Representa- throw of Dr. Allende. tive Michael J. Harrington (D.,I In a lctter to Senator J W. Mass.), proposed that the Sen-1 Fulbright, (D., Ark.), chair- ate Foreign Relations Commit-'man of the Foreign Relations tee hold open hearings on the Committee, released at thee, role of the United States in press conference, Mr. Harring-1 Chile during the Allende per-'ton said that the Senate panel iod. 1 should study the possibility of He said that Henry A. Kis-'lodging- perjury charges singer, the Secretary of State,! against the officials. ua~~s Co iv F64 z e e- President in the conduct of U.S. foreign relations." The Colby disclosures werell the highlight of the opening of a! conference on covert activities! and the CIA, sponsored by the; Center for National Security; Studies. Senator Phillip A. Hart (D., ) opened the conference Mich Approved For Release 2004/11/01: CIA-RDP88-01315R000200010018-6