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December 16, 2016
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October 22, 2004
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September 13, 1974
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By Jeremiah'O'Leary Star-News Staff Writer The Senate Foreign Rela- tions Committee will meet in executive session Tues- day to examine all aspects of the growing furor over White House-authorized CIA operations against the government of the late President Salvador Allende in .Chile. ' In the absence of Chair- man J. William Fulbright, key Senate committee mem- bers will explore several courses that may be taken following disclosures that the United States was in- volved in extensive clandes- tine activities designed to subvert the Allende govern- ment. State Department officials were testifying to several committees at the time that there was no American intervention against the Marxist but democratically elected Chi- lean government. Informed sources said the. staff of Sen. Frank Church's subcommittee on multinational corporations will complete a study of testimony it received more than a year ago and today will report to the Idaho Democrat whether there appears to?be a prima, facie case of perjury in the sub- committee record. WASHINGTON STAR 13 SEP 1974 04/11/0.1 CIA-RDP88 5800020 mittee" headed by Dr Henry A. Kissinger at the National Security Council. Rep. Michael J. Harring- ton, D-Mass., who first dis- closed the extent of CIA operations in Chile, yester- day denounced what he called the "fiction of effec- tive congressional over- sight" of CIA activities. Based on his scrutiny of 48 pages of secret testimony by CIA Director William Colby before the House Armed Services subcommit- tee on Intelligence; Har- rington said Chairman Lucien Nedzi, D-Mich., was not aware of the specific na- ture of the CIA activities and that the details are un- known to this day. L) ? I-e y,4~~ mand that our war plans be published. "It is even necessary for the Congress to conduct some of its business in; executive (closed) session, while remaining account-1 able to the voters for the legislation it passes." Similarly, Coby said, the' CIA maintains "the neces sary secrecy of the sources and methods of our intelli- gence." Colby is proposing legis- lation which will penalize ex-CIA agents and others who reveal classified material. ' THE RELEVEN.T infor- mation about these activi ties is not available even' to those committees in Con- gress in charge of t overseeing the CIA," Har- rington said. "This is as much an indictment of Con-, gress as it is of the execu- tive branch." Harrington charged that all State Department wit- nesses who have appeared before various committees on the subject knew or should have known what the CIA was doing in Chile. He said he would like to see hearings conducted on why CHURCH has said he is and how the United States resolved to turn the matter got involved in Chile during over to the Justice Depart- the Allende period. ment if the transcript indi- Harrington urged Ful- cates State Department wit- bright to reopen the Chilean nesses perjured themselves inquiry and determine during hearings in April whether transcripts of 1973. previous testimony should Subcommittee staff coun- be sent to the Department sel Jerry Levinson . is of Justice for perjury. The scrutinizing testimony money authorized for the taken under oath from for Chilean operation, Harring- - ton charged, was laundered mer Asst. Secretary of in State for Latin America Europe. He said there Charles A. Meyer and for- were references to Cuba and Guatamala in Colby's tier Ambassador to Chile testimony Edward M.Korry. The two to the Nedzi sub rivate committee, but these were witnesses, now in private explained. indicated the United . States had adopted a hands- MEANWHILE, in a off posture toward the Al- speech prepared for a meet- lende government. i ing sponsored by the Na- Eut it is being admitted in tional Security Studies Sec- a number of government de- tion of the privately partments now that both financed Fund for Peace, had knowledge of the covert which has castigated CIA -..13.x. SIC _ N eta S -f tJ t) t C'- ~. CON Nb dfFld eQ. tt asdPI664.QfiY6t'D -` tDP88-01315R000200010019-5 over a 10-year period and be responsive to our public, authorized by the "40 Com- but our public does not de-