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December 16, 2016
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October 22, 2004
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September 12, 1974
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WASHINGTON POST 1 2 SEP 1974 rqved F ea4 2004 1/0. CIA- R AA, By Laurence Stern :V::Post Staff writer Central Intelligence Agency Director William E. Colby. the nation's pre-emi- nent spy, will come out of the cold into the heat of al- most certain confrontation Friday over the issue of co- vert U.S. political operations in Chile. Colby has agreed to ap- pear at an unusual two-clay conference of former agents, government officials and journalists on the sub- ject of "The Central Intelli- gence Agency and Covert Actions." The C4 director's ap- pearance was scheduled be- fore the disclosure Sunday of his executive session tes- timony, on Congress last April that some S11 million in covert action funds were authorized by the "Forty Committee" of the National' Security Council and tar- geted against the late Chi- Nezvs Analysis lean President Salvador Al- lende. Sen. Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) cranked up_ the Chile controversy another turn yesterday with a letter to Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger asking on what authorization the programs were carried out without no- tification to Congress. Ken- nedy also called State De- partment testimony denying U.S. intervention against the Allende government "mis- leading" and "deceptive" in the letter to Kissinger. Colby, who rose through the ranks of the CIA's co- vert operations service to command of the agency, un- dertakes a daring public re? lations gamble in facing the audience of specialists on in- telligence practices-most of them critical of the co- vert programs with which Colby has been associated through his ' professional lifetime. During his year-and-a-half tenure as director, Colby has sought to improve con- tacts with Congress and the, press in the aftermath of the . battering the agenu took during the unfolding of the V atergate scandal. But the two day confer- ence, sponsored by'the Cen- ter for National Security Studies, will subject Colby to one of the most informed and critical audiences to which he has been so far ex' posed. Covert operations are car- ried out under general pol- icy guidelines approved by the Forty committee, a sen- ior inter-departmental corn mittee over vMich. the Presi- dent's national securiyt ad- viser, Kissinger, presides. Colby is a member of the powerful but informal com- mittee which meets under the auspices of the White House. In recent statements the CIA director.. has empha sized the agency's subordi hate role to the l hite House and the senior polic, group whose name, until last year, was Haver in print and unknown to members of the agency's oversight com- mictees on Capitol Hill. file existence of the Fort y /4- C, I I 8-01315 0O..200010a22-1 ter IV ~ 1'Y, Committee surfaced in con- nection with the Senate For- eign Relations Corr nittee's 'I.Iul tinational Subcommittee in connection with role of tine CI. and the interna- ttonal Telephone Tele- graph Corp. in Chile. Aside from the Chile case, the CIA faces the p'espects of new revelations on the scone of covert U.S. opera- tions under the nianaeme nt of the Forty Committee. Former New York Times correspondent Tad Szulc, writing in the new issue of Esquire, gives an account of the CIA's role in support of South Africa's white supre- macist regime. The New Yorker Magazine is coming out with an account of the CIA role in supporting the ousting of Cheddi Jean, leader of Guyana's inde- pendence movement. In England, former CIA operations . officer Philip B.F. Agee has completed a manuscript detailing his day-to-day operations as a clandestine operaive in three Latin-American, coun- tries-Ecuador. Uruguay and -Mexico. Agee's book is under contract with British Penguin and is expected to be published early next year. QIV~= 1~.--IV c I'4-T;aiv4t SC.e v2; / C I 7, UI \) S c _t-/6 Ct CIA i?a`-{ ayre, wok; I6-p Approved For Release 2004/11/01 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000200010022-1