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December 16, 2016
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October 22, 2004
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M Approved For.please 2004/11/01 : CIA-RDP88-013100200070024-3 Channel 2.- KTVU 11 pm news (Oakland) Newsman: The Director of Central Intelligence appeared today in San Francisco and he asked the city's forgiveness for that spy agency's operation of a bawdyhouse at 225C Chestnut Street during the mid-fifties. Turner said that Operation Midnight Climax wherein unsuspecting citizens were lured to this Telegraph Hill apartment for the CIA's drug experi- ments were, in his words, "abhorrent." But the CIA Chief said he didn't know much about the operation since he hadn't spoken with the mastermind. Turner: The CIA is not involved in investigating Americans and we also did not want to appear to be influencing Gottleib in any way to testify or not to testify. I have not communicated with him since these new documents became available. Newsman: Admiral Turner said there were no such operations now. He did emphasize, however, the CIA continues to be deeply interested in the international drug trade but the CIA's "mind-control" experiments, he said, are all past history. Approved For Release 2004/11/01 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000200070024-3 ? Approved ForQoease 2004/11/01 : CIA-RDP88-01315900200070024-3 Channel 5 - KPIX-TV 11 pm news (San Francisco) (Opening comments regarding "CIA's brothel in San Francisco" were missed.) Newsman: ...Federal government's Bureau of Narcotics office in San Francisco and he died two years ago. Today, CIA Director Stansfield Turner, the man who first revealed the existence of the operation, appearedi for a news conference here in San Francisco. Reporter Avery was there too and he asked Turner about the apartment, about Colonel White, and about information the experiments were tape-recorded by CIA. He even asked about four DD4 microphones connected to two F301 tape recorders. Very detailed information. Turner: You've got lots more details than I do. I'm not in a position to discuss with you the names of individuals involved in this because the laws of this country quite properly prohibit my doing so. I have turned over to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence every name, every bit of information we have available, for their use in pur- suing their investigation." Newsman: Today in Washington, four men who used to work for the CIA on Operation Midnight Climax, the Senate Intelligence Committee issued subpoenas to bring them to the Hearing rooms next month. Approved For Release 2004/11/01 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000200070024-3 Approved For Release 2004/11/01 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000200070024-3 Fri., Aug. 5, 1977 iz * * S.F. EXAMINER-Page 3 CIA chief deplores CIA brothels By Jim Wood A CIA operation in which private citizens were lured to a San Francisco brothel and unwittingly drugged was denounced today by the director of the CIA. Adm. Stanfield Turner said the brothel drug ' experiments ended some 12 years ago and that "zero" such r bordellos are being bperated now' "They are all past hiory," said Turner who is in San Francisco for a Commonwealth Club speaking engagement. " fL .., !ig..egi "The most inexplicable part was simply that here in San Fran- Cisco and some other places in the country, in the name -of under- standing the potential use of drugs to be used against our people and -against our intelligence activities, there were apparently tests con- ducted on individuals without their consent," Turner said. The director said that today "that is certainly ` abhorrent to you and to me and I can assure all of you that this activity is not and will not be tolerated in our intelligence sys- tems." In Washington, meanwhile, three former CIA employes and a former CIA consultant refused to testify before a Senate inquiry into the drug and bordello operation. Turner said that the four had made the decision not to testify independently and that the agency had not bsen in touch with the four since documents disclosing the op- erating were discovered. The four had been expected to appear before the Senate Health and Intelligence' committees head- ed by Sen. Edward Kennedy, D- Mass. When the committees' investi- gators were notified of the four's refusal to testify, subpoenas were issued for the appearance Sept. 9. One of those subpoenaed was Dr. Sidney Gottleib who headed the MK-Ultra program, according to documents released by the CIA under the Freedom of Information Act. The program ran an elaborate- ly decorated brothel in San Francis- co under the code name Operation Midnight Climax. Documents made public by the CIA indicate private citizens were taken to the bordello by $100 prostitutes and drugged without their knowledge, usually with LSD. CIA researchers then watched through a two-way mirror, filming what happened when the subjects went into the bedroom with the prostitutes, according to documents and testimony given to the Senate probers. The purpose of the research, Senate investigators were told, was to learn about thought control and sexual behavior. The two other former CIA employes identified in the subpoe- nas were Robert Lashbrook and Walter Pasternak. The consultant is Dr. Charles Geschickter, a highly respected former Georgetown University pro- fessor, who headed the Geschickter Fund for Medical Research. Documents obtained by the committee from the CIA indicate that the fund was used as a conduit for research money from the CIA. The committee met in closed session this morning after being notified that the four witnesses had refused to appear voluntarily. Approved For Release 2004/11/01 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000200070024-3 Approved Fes; Release 2004/11/01 : CIA-RDP88-01 WR000200070024-3 10 San ,Wrancixco' ((ronicit it Sat., Aug. 6, 1977 Speech in S.1 Chief Vows New Course Central Intelligence Agency direc- tor Stansfield Turner said here yester- day the CIA has steered a new course more in conformity with the nation's ethical norms. Under a reorganization plan pushed by President Carter, he said, the nation's intelligence community is being over- seen by a three-member watchdog com- mittee that has immediate access to Car- ter. Turner conceded that its new con- cern with moral-scruples puts the CIA at a disadvantage with foreign rivals who play rough. "But I would not trade our position in any way," he said. Turner discussed the agency's ethi- cal role in a speech at the Com- monwealth Club before more than 450 people. At a press conference, Turner again- claimed the CIA got out of the business of running brothels a long time ago and doesn't intend to get into the trade again. "Zero," he said when asked how many whorehouses the agency is operat- ing these days. - The question came up as a result of revelations that the CIA ran a brothel in San Francisco more than a dozen years ago in the interests of science. According to documents found in CIA archives and made public Wednes- day in Washington, the agency wanted to study the effects of drugs, such as LSD, which were given to brothel patrons without their :knowledge. . "I can assure all of you that this activity is not and will not be tolerated in our intelligence operations," said Turn- er, who aSlded he found the practices "abhorrent." Approved For Release 2004/11/01 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000200070024-3