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December 16, 2016
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October 19, 2004
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July 15, 1975
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Approved For Release 2004/11/01 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000200 ,100, fJ ~~ u "6 j TESTIMONY OF DAVID COHEN PRESIDENT, COMMON CAUSE on THE NOMINATION OF STANSFIELD TURNER TO BE DIRECTOR OF THE CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY THE SELECT COMMITTEE ON INTELLIGENCE of the UNITED STATES SENATE Tuesday, February 22, 1977 Approved For Release 2004/11/01 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000200210005-8 f (~/ 'cJa/ Aid sti/r?~ Approved For Release 2004N`IO1QI 1P 8-01315R00020021 QOO -8S' z p? t `~ h= k` 15 JULY 1975 Senate Unit Limits Inquiry-to 6Covert C.,,. , Actons 1 By NICHOLAS M. HORROCK each area of its interest fromiing Goverr.ment documents onla. reaort on ,ne assa'sinationl special to The `ewYorSTimes. officials of the executiv, several occasions. ~riatter.. Ho had earlier ruled] 'WASHINGTON, July. 14-ibranch as a courtesy to thel -:this problem and the goes lout public hearings on the The Senate Select Committee on White House, 'iVlr. 5' Colby wil t'on of C:.LA. involvement inkquestion. Intelligence will limit its inves_ ;foreign political assassinations 'The Senate is scheduled to' continue the briefing tomorrow,, tigation of covert activities- byg1e said. nave delayed committee planslgo into recess during the first: .the Central Intelligence Agency to hold public hearings. Theyl?;,eek or August and lrChurcn to a 'half-dozen or so repre- He said that the committeelare now tentativelyescheduled said that if the assassination' planned o ask Mr. Colby about :sentative- cased,' including the afar early fall. inquiry was not completed, he intervention in Chile, the com- Ithe death in October, 1970, oE i ' Mr. Church said today that., would recommend that t:nel r.en. FtanC Crnai !or mmmari-,. still hored to meet an Aug. committee meet .through the! --- M LLee l.a rl lict ii vuau ~"~`,. ider in chief of the Chilean; for 1 g Senator Frank Church, Demo-1 1 deadline ma;ctno public Army who was killed shortly, crat. of Idaho, said, that,. his before the election of President; committee had neither. the!Salvador` Allende Gossens of time nor the resources. for an'Chile was confirmed. Chilean exhaustive review of all' the, press accounts said that the, covert operations conducted-by general s death had been aimed the C:I.A. in, the .last three at creating' a military coup in decades. He said, therefore, that the Latin-American country. the committee would select six Public Hearings Delayed operations for its attention., E. The'rri6ve appeared to he the Press reports have suggested first major limiting of the com- that ?th e C.LA.. znay have . had .mittee's; targets - in its inquiry some ;in-volvement in Genera into the . United States intelli- Schneider's death: The genera gence community.. Mr. Church was killed, during an apparent has complained on several kidnapping attempt when he, occasions that delays in- receiv- allegedly; :reached - for. a gun; ing evidence from the executive to protect himself, according. agencies - involved and -..the to these reports. White House have slowed the The difficulties for the com- pace of the investigations. mittee in investigating tre, vas Colby Briefs Panel $6-billion -a-year intelligence cor-imuntty - have t ccome in- Mr. Church said that the icr easingly al;'paxCr r in recent committee. received a: bricfing today from William .E Colby, i Inacid tion to tl vastness Director of Central Intelligence,~and complexity of the suhlect on-the agency's Chile apesmatter, blr. C hunch ha publicly tions as the committee had reported difficulties is inter- agreed to accept briefings oniviewing }witnesses and obtain-1 COmmo Cause A' ide' Quits After Getting C,; ,A. Counsel Posit, Sip^cini to Th- New Yor'c Ttm.e4 WASHINGTON, July 14 - Common Cause, the public in- terest lobbying group, an- nounced -today the resignation of Mitchell Rogovin as general counsel and as chairman-of its litigation committee. - Mr. Rogovin, a partner in the Washington law firm of Arnold 9- Porter, recently agreed to serve as special counsel to thei Central Intelligence.. Agency l during the douse and S- natel lintell