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December 16, 2016
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November 1, 2004
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August 5, 1977
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Approved- For Release 2005/01/11: CIA-RDP88-01315R000200230007-4 Fri., Aug.-S,, 1977 Cr k x~ $.F EXAMINER-Page 3 By Jim Wood consent, Turner said. A CIA, ,operation in' .vhich private citizens were lured to a San Fi ancisco brothel and unwittingly drugged was denounced today; by '-the director of the CIA.",-,:", Adm. Stanfield ' Turner said the 'brothel- drug ' experiments ended some 12 years ago' and that "hero such r bordellos are being t"They are all . past hiory,": said ;`. :Turner.who is in San Francisco for "that is certainly f `^ abhorrent to'you and' to-?me and I can assure all of you that this activity is not' and will not be tolerated in. our intelligence sys- terns, In Washington, meanwhile, three former . CIA employes and a former- CIA consultant refused to testify before a Senate inquiry into the drug and bordello operation..' i.a Commonwealth Club, speaking ' Turner said that the four had engagement.: made -the decision not to testify " fI, .., jig egi independently and that the agency `Thee most inexplicable part::. had not bsen in touch with the four was simply that here in San Fran. since documents disclosing the op- ;elsco and some other places in the'; erating were discovered.;,, ';country,` in the' name' of ,under-. The four had been' expected to standing the potential use `of drugs appear before the Senate Health be used against our' people "and +?"and Intelligence" committees head- -,Against our "intelligence ' 'activities, ," ed by Sen. Edward Kennedy, D- x there were apparently,: tests con.',." Mass. 'ducted onindividuals without their' i'Jhen the coinmittees''investi gators were notified of the four's, The purpose of the research, :R; issued for the appearance Sept . to learn about thought,control' and Dr.,Sidney Gottleib who headed the MK-Ultra program, according, 1 to documents released, by the . CIA under the Freedom of Information The program ran an elaborate- ly decorated brothel in San Francis-.. co under the code name Operation Midnight Climax. Documents made public by the CIA indicate private citizens were taken to the ; bordello by ' $100 prostitutes and drugged without .their knowledge, usually with LSD. CIA researchers then watched through a two-way mirror, filming what happened whenthe subjects went into the bedroom- with, the prostitutes, according to documents and testimony. given to the Senate probers, Tile ` two other. former CIA employes identified in the subpoe- nas were Robert Lashbrook and Walter Pasternak. The consultant is Dr. Charles Geschickter, a highly 'respected former Georgetown University pro- fessor, who headed the Geschickter Fund for Medical Research. Documents obtained by the committee from the CIA indicate that the fund was used as a conduit for research money from the CIA. The committee met in closed session this morning after being notified that the four witnesses -had refused to appear voluntarily.