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December 19, 2016
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Approved For Release 2006/11/21 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000300010010-0 4A 1z WASHINGTON POST 27 August 1977 Dialogue So h t hh .r-0ThS8Ff" In CIA sobs By John Jacobs Wa3hili4ton Post Sta..i Writer Georgetown University said yester-? day "it seems promising" that univer-? sity lawyers can meet next week with ,Fcrsepi--F. Geschickter, a George- town professor emeritus, who helped the-'CIA with its MK-ULTRA mind control experiments. ,.Tbe 76-year-old pathologist and can- cer 'researcher established the Ges chickter Fund for Medical Researc':i, through which the CIA funneled] money to fund MK-ULTRA projects in.the 1950s and 1960's. He has been unavailable for comment since his name surfaced a month ago in connec- tion with the CI A.. A Senate subcom rrdttee has subpoenaed him to testify, Sept. 9 e'r a . The university, which last week re- ceived official notification that it was r,nrt of the CIA program, is investigat- ing the smatter. It has received 70 ,'ages of CIA documents, which an of- ficial said confirm press reports th-it the CIA funneled $375,000 throughtt:e Geschickter Fund toward construction of a new metrical wing at the hospital. The agency wanted to use onc?si~_t'h of the space there for experiments in chemical and biological warfare: In another development, Chancellor Maurice Mitchell of Denver Univer- sity confirmed that his university was notified by the CIA that it was one of the 86 institutions CIA Director Stanr- field Turner said were used, know- ingly or not, in MK-ULTRA. Other universities that have pub- licly acknowledged similar letters from the CIA in the last few weeks include the UIlt~'ertil V QLMarylard, George 3yp5_1irgton University, Har- vard, Stanford, Columbia, Princeton, .Ohio State, and IF -University of Pennsylvania. GW has receive(?clocu- nients from the CIA about its role but has refused to' release them. 1 - - C - ( - 01 14? lc U t-.7 acsc = f !1 i . Dr. Wilbur C. Miller, now president of Drake University?in Ohio, taught in the psychology department.at Denver! in' 1954. He ? said a Dr. L. T. Miller. headed the department then and died in the late '50s, Wilbur Miller said he didn't know of any CIA-related, re- search there, "but I vaguely. remenr Tier something about hypnosis." MK-, ULTRA was interested in hypnosis' and LSD for offensive purnoses and for protecting CIA agents from brain- washing and intertogation by hostile governments: ` Other documents the CIA made public Thursday describe a 1960 \1K- ` XJLTRA project to study voting rec- ords of registered voters 'in ai ';friendly 'foreign nation." ,,The re- search proposal, which was approved with a budget of $7,490, expected to 4tudy 25;000 voters, who were eligible if they were male he::ieov, rer_, least 30 Years old.: The principal researcher, whose I name is deleted in the documents. and ? -yvho apparently did not know the re- search was sponsored by. the. CIA, wondered where some of the prom- ised research material would come from. `'Mitchell said he doesn't know what the CIA's involvement was at Denver, but`whatever did happen was before Ails time. 'Tm perfectly happy to deal with this openly," Mitchell said. "It's about time some of this crap got aired-" A March 8, 1954, document released by the CIA several weeks ago was ad- dressed to a Dr. Miller from a person whose name was deleted. It said, "I Will do my best to answer any other giiestions about the transfer of the project to Denver University." What- ever the project, it had a budget of at Icast $7,200 for a 10-month period. Approved For Release 2006/11/21 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000300010010-0 '