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December 19, 2016
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Approved For Release 4{ 6i1 1j1 8-O1315ROOO3OOO2OO11-8 "-- n;T7.r 1l'PEriitED 2 August 1Q77 I PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS USED IV C.I.A. EFFORT TOCONTROLBEHAVIOR dew. 'information' _About Funding and flp rations. Disclosed by ocuments and.-,interviews (This, ar~tcle= was the=work of cut investigative reporting:r team consist- ing of -John M- Crewdson, Nicholas M. sp4nlal to The New York Tlmee. WASHINGTON Aug...1 ,- Several- prominent medical research institutions and Government hospitals in the United States and Canada were. involved. in -a seecret, 25-year, S25-million effort by the Central Intelligence Agency to learn how to control the human mind. The's investiga- {tionseinto behavior-?arid'thought control was- previously -known., But through ac- cess tv 2,000 C.I:A.' documents and wide- r~iiging. interviews, 'a 'group of New York Times reporters has .developed new infor- ~mation?'about' the.;'-cost of the program, the range 'of, its penetration -into presti- g ous' research centers;', the identities' of. some institutions;: the. secret funding con-. duitsof the agency`, and'. the concerns.'. faboutthe? program expressed by some; ('sci'entists ti w The ,original res'e'arc'h'-.w'a's' spurred by the ? conviction-later' proved unfounded :a --that:- the :Russians and Chinese had de- veloped brainwashing ~i and mind-control. devices. But the C.I.A: quickly. turned to, seeking an offensive use for behavior con- trol .-,It sought to; crack the mental de- fenses of enemy agents-to be able to program them and.its:own operatives to Horrock, Boyce Reitsberger, Jo Thomas., and Joseph B. Treaster. :It was writte?% by Mr.'. Porrock } vate-. medica of these, th Medical . Re' is still acti' the. Inves was.-disbanl in one repc Foundation; Bowers, din there was conduit for I The C.I.A under the. otfier,.Gove, cess to M111 control; exl armted'servi BYfheeal unconiforta 1957.?: repor rioted-that addea ' 11ffii iee`s~ and j'~ experiment considered' and in-som 9 al,!' the re The ages that the rE contracted Moreove have founc and. the. do that it ha( tionsusin? What el view,; witl gene off1 ethers wa; sional mis medical re to assembl governinen apparently institution, ated;;.. Among duced by' and';the it 'n, jar. Cc now: assoc center in I perirhents - - - - - - - - - t h e e Federal penitentiary in Atlanta - and the Bordentown Reformatory in New Jer-l say between 1955 and 1964. He was paid 525,000 a year through the Geschikter Foundation, he said in a telephoned inter view STAT emerged of the extent to which the agen- carry-out any mission even against theirI ed to the .construction of. a'.$3 million va lf uvu. -p eser or nature as se covered records indicate that. the! C.LA university". - a: forensic, medicine depart-~ ment so the project "and allied agency need's could thus be served with complete control, legal performance.- and appropri- ate cover." A spokesman for Georgetown I said i that the university was reviewing expected to disclose ,that the C.LA. paid Approved For Rel a?, /~1 G `z~"I RpR' - 15F }1 6~4 erSt v Fr Adm. Stansfield Turner, the Director of Central Intelligence, announced two weeks ago that seven cases of records containing some 5,000 pages of docu- meets pertaining to these projects, had been discovered in the agency's archives. Ile said they had been overlooked it newly discovered records before a joint