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December 16, 2016
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September 17, 2004
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January 19, 1979
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at W By Ward Sinclair and Art. Harris l;esaiaitan lose stet: writ .t3 . .7 During, two. weeks in 1975, a string of the nation's supersensitive- nuclear missile launch sites- and bomber bases. were- visited by unidentified, low-?ly it?g and elusive objects, 'according, to Defense Department report,%,11 The- sightings, made visually, and onr radar-.by air and ground:.crews. and. sabotage-alert-.forcesi? occurred at in-' stallations in. Montana; Michigan and ? Maine; aud:led"to extensive?butunsuc cessful Air Force attempta~.totrac and detain-the objects.*::- -., Air Force-.and Defense:Iaepartment records variously. deseribe::tlie. objects as . helicopters,.; aircraft;;nnknowir. elr titles and brightly lighted; moving } vehicles.'-that - hovered -. over- .nuclear weapons storage. areai and. evaded pursuit effortS._ Force sent fighter. planes and: air on the unsuccessful pursuit The rec..'. oils do not indicate if the fighters fired on the intruders ? ?; The documents also=give'no indica voked much more than- focal- command concern. - But. a Nov. :11, 1975,". the office of the secretary of the Air- Force instructed : public information staffers to avoid linking--the-scattered sightings unless specifically asked. ` deals.with? UFO inquiries:said'he. could' si tugs: at"strategic ztstaJliti' ris gip,; -The IJefensa Department_'pdsi 15 cited in that memo and reiterated. ye tilled flying obects. (UFOs) -ended"in: Yet another Air Force intelligence ,report indicated extensive=interest in a 1976 incident over Iran, when two .Iranian Air Force F4. Phantom- lighter planes were scrambled to encounter?a .brightly lighted object' in?? the- sides That object was' tracked by Iranian> -around radar, seen, independently: by the crew of a-commercial airliner and . pursued by the F4, which, according to of their electronic Communications devices when. they neared the object;. Approved For Release 2004/10/13: CIA-RDP88-01315R00 Article appeared on page A-1, 6 THE WASHINGTON POST 19 January 1979 `The report, compiled by American.] officials, said that the electronics weapons system of one of the planes went dead when its, pilot prepared to fire an A1ld9 missile at a smaller. ob- ject that appeared to roar out fromi the larger vehicle. ': -, .- - The planes- electronic equipment reportedly- b e "c a m e-. operative = after they veered. away. from the smaller ob- ject,whieh'had returned to the larg light,;: tine 'report::: said;' Iranians de- scribed,, the- larger object,. with. co oredi fast-flashing lights,. as the. size o a Boeing 707 jetliner; ?? `.;' =The information on. the- 1975 and 1975 sighting-s --records from the Air .Force and the North American .Airl ,Defense Command (NORAD) was turned over to Ground Saucer Watch . (GSW), a Phoenix-based organization that monitors UFO reports. GS W obtained the .information through a freedom-of-Information re- quest to the Air Force,'one of a num- ber it has made to government agen cies involved in UFO investigations. A similar request to the CIA, made -both by_ GSW and The Washington Post, resulted in. the CIA's turning over almost 900 pages of documents related. to its monitoring of.:UFO re- ports since the 195N., The CIA was directed by a U.S. Dis- trict Court judge here, last . year to turn over to Ground Saucer Watch UFO data unrelated to national secu- rity..,. : The agency, according to GSW offi- cials and attorneys, apparently has i.withheld some- UFO records, - and GSW says it intends to seek-further court action in the case....- -,The Air Force and- other federa military . and intelligence `agencies have. maintained consistently the sightings of unidentified'- flying::o j ects have logical, explanations--the the UFOs are not visitors from ' an- other ' world. agency memoranda relating to 'UFO ;trial life. ? : terday-by a spokesman, is that it has had no involvement with UFOs since 1953, when a special study" panes con- cluded that.they presented.uo threat to national security. While memos. from as - recently as 1977 are included in the 879 pages, the. CIA spokesman said the agency con Todd Zechel,:-a GSW investigators and director or another organizaton, i Citizens Against UFO Secrecy, said. I "We've had to pry loose every item ofi information we have. I am inclined to believe the government doesn't know any more about UFOs than we do, but if UFOs are what they say-nothing why don't they-open their:, files' 1otaliy?" . Zechel and William Spauldtug,, ' a ,Phoenix. engineer : and director :'o GSW, said that Defense, the Force3 and the National-` Security Agezcyy. ? (NSA) have-.refused to t u r n over cer '.tarn other.: information that would shed. more light on: military encoun- ters with unidentified flying objects. Zechel, a former NSA employe who- now lives in Wisconsin, said that the 1973 incidents around the missile and bomber facilities would not have been revealed had it.not been for a "leak' from a Pentagon source. That tip, he said, led to the?informaa Lion request. that-produced the reports on the "flap," as a .rash of UFO inci- dents is called, in, the last days. of Oc- tober and the fast. two weeks of No- vember 1975, The. Air Force and NOB.AD data 'provided -detailed..-accounts of sight. -.tugs of unexplained, objects from Lor ing Air Force Base- in. Maine, Wurt: smith AFB in Michigan and Malm- strom AFB in -Montana, all within,a two-week period.-. ; = . At those and.. other missile-launch- ing sites in the northern tier of states, military personnel reported that the objects hovered over nuclear weapons -storage areas 1n'some.cases as low as 10 feet, from., the,'.ground, and,missil silos, before, they- departed.. The reports referred to the objects 'in' some ?cases-,F'ai3``helicopters, ""ai though - no>=witness`tmade a positive. identifications Thw abunds- the objects emitted'wese~ described as being Simi lar to heifcopternoise.=",-? ~?4 In one-.such;lnatazice,. on? Nov.:tT, 1975, at Malmstrom