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December 19, 2016
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STAT Approved For Release 2006/12/19. CIA-RlP88-{&I R000300 U G--11 WASHINGTON POST By Bill Richards and John Jacobs Washington Post statf writers The Central Intelligence Agency se Specifically, they noted the experi- An October, 1975, report on involve- ' cretly spent nearly $3,900 in 1956 on { ment dealt with "the effect on blood ment in LSD testing by the Alcohol,! d de 'va? D 1h e and 'Mental Health Ad-I' us ject MK-ULTRA. Harvard, have said they were also stated that the CIA would ? 1?rovide "I took a dim view of the whole part of the program and have re money to continue these'studi l " Geschikter operation then," said quested additional information from. +.' Krantz, who is retired, "`and I take an the CIA even dimmer view now." i - Documents obtained by The Wash- Krantz, who lives near.Baltimore, ington Post reveal that senior diree- said he met with Charles F. Geschik- tors of the National Institute of Men ter, founder of the fund, during dis- tel Health "probably" knew that the cussions on.the project and found him . CIA funneled money to .the institute "a superficial scientist.". Geschikter : to administer- LSD and other drugs ran a cancer research program at to federal prisoners at Lexington, ICY. Georgetown University and also ad- ' It has been reported that drug ad--I ministered the fund with money from diets at the Addiction Research Cen-l private philanthropic sources and ter in T."exington were given drugs as from the CIA. ? ~ ` -- t rewards for taking part in CIA experi- Geschikter has been unavailable foi' ments. The CIA supplied $300,000, comment since information about MK- through the Office of Naval Research ULTRA was made'publice by the CIA... between 1954 and 1962 to pay for the earlier this month experiments. - .. ` s lan the university s pharmaco goy epa i~iary ment who got the money, said he was among those which were part of MK- The report said that L. Ilarris Is-i never told the funds came from the ULTRA to receive documents from bell, then director of the center, was CIA. A research colleague at the the CIA.A university spokesman said approached by Sidney Gottlieb, the school suggested he apply for the ; CIA man in charge of MK-ULTRA,. funds, Krantz said, and- he received yesterday that he was told by CL%. of- the money from the Geschikter Fund ficials that the dog experiment was who told him that his. research for Medical Research, a frequent co- the only part of the program con- LSD "was important to national inter:. vert conduit for money used in the ducted there. ests." The report goes on to say that CIA's mind control experiments dur- Several other schools, including "without specifying a precise interest ing the 1950s and 1960s known as Pro- Georgetown George Washington and on the part of the CIA, Mr. Gottlieb Mary!and to develop a drug to allevi- ate human hypertension, according to documents released to the school yes- terday by the agency. . Dr. John Krantz, a former head of l d t- The documents on the hypertension experiment-. were 'turned over to Uni- versity. of ,Maryland officials yester day. ne. school' was one.of about 80 notified jn the past week by the CIA that theywere part of 1VMK-ULTRA ei- ther with or without their, knowledge:''~! The hypertension experiment at Maryland was. among "special studies. i embracing :-pharmacological testing and evaluation of drugs of interest to TSD [the CIA's technical services division],". according to the docu- ments.; vessels of the ca npno.ic aci r%, documents said- The frag ministration, tivhicb includes N V,111, " th e slues, mentary records released to . the uni said knowledge of the source of funds at ba ff rs mem senior sta varsity give no indication of what use was limited to ce agency mac':e of the the Addiction Research Center and lli gen tae inte information. "was probably discussed with the " the first institution NI\IH scientific. directors. d i Approved For Release 2006/12/19 -: CIA-RDP88-01315R000300090046-3