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December 16, 2016
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October 22, 2004
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November 12, 1979
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Approved For Release 2004/11/01: CIA-RDP88-01315R0000p13?900 kRTICLti A -~,xi : THE DAILY PRI1 CETOTIIAN 1_2 NOV MEH 1.979 = By JOHN CAVANAGI-#GS, SALLY FRANK'80, and LAURIE KIRBY GS Breeding ?round :. service. These. interventions are not- merely, the dark un- derside of American foreign policy.; Rather, they reflect the mainstream of establishment through from World War II to the present, a consensus which has been nourished in respectable institutions such as this university. Not coincidentally, there is also a long and multi-faceted tradition of Princeton in the CIA's interests. ctivity.which is still permitted byytheuniversity today- From Iran (1953), Guatemala (1)54) and the Congo (1960), to Chile (1973) and Angola (1975), the CIA has made it its business to overthrow governments and to install (or, attempt- to install), dictatorial regimes sympathetic to United States -business. and military the history ot'covert:.CIA intnesiona-into our?campus As citizens of the United States, we need to be aware of the actions the CIA carries out in our name.. As - Princeton students-and~faculty,.we,:must understand CIA's activities.. t - . There is nothing covert about the CIA employment interviews taking place today in Clio Hall. But that. should not deceive any of us about the nature of the the active,- participation of university officials. Former CIA recruitment-at-Princeton has, benefited from J. Carlucci'52 ,ter '- ; :, agency, right up to the'presentDeputy Director, Frank- was CIA-director from 1973. to 1975; Princeton has been a particularlq fertile: breeding, ground. for--the program of torture arid murder in Vietnam, and who trustee), who was the CIA's first director, to William E. Colby'40, who played a key role in the CIA's secret war -in Laos, the .1973 "destabilization". - of democratic government in Chile, -and in the Phoenix But not all f L&_`recruiting'at Princeton ha3'- been conducted through Career Services.'. Air-article in the into the type Nye tell them to send a resume.'!. kinds. of people the CIA looks. for and when we run Career - Services.,director: Newell.-Brown: admitte admitted dn