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October 18, 2006
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December 20, 1976
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Approved For'Release 2006/11/12 : CIA-RDP88-01315ROO.q THE GUARD.. AN (''- Vrl-'Cn:i?,s Tf.R ) 20 DEC ~,M:31?R _l.97(7 1W11-1-Al WORLD Features The chairman of FWF and agency side, or through con-' entered .into negotiations appeared to he just another Director of,the Institute for tributing to or writing in with the Taiwan government news agency sere-ice, supply- the Study of Conflict, which "Conflict Studies," put but before a synopsis was even ing to new..spapwrs all over acquired the library of F'WF,?" by the Institute for the Study written. The arrangement- tyre globe articles ranging wa Mr Brian Crozier,. who of Conflict at E3 each for a was that the Government, from fashion to politics, coin- had preceded Aer - Robert more informed and iniluert- because of what F';WF's petenily written, profession- Afoss. author of "Chile's tial audience, managing director described ally pruducc.d and att.ractively? Marxist I xperiment,".'at tire. The arrangement even- : as the "-objective " nature of priced. - Economist. - tually agreed between David the work, would. wish to purl But in reality ita main put'- Forum ? started its olio- and Charles and FIVE in Feb- chase a considerable quantityt pose was different. Forum was rations-in the publishing field ruary, 1972, meant that the The Government decision was throuIt an publishing company in effect - to be based on their approial in the propaganda 'hursirtess. 11 tote 19GUk An internal CIA memo to the arrangement with the pub acte(i only as printers and of the typescript. . then I7hector of Central .fishing house of Secker and distributors: For the Pull- This kind of arr-rr' i iient Intelligence, Richard Heims, Warburg. The arrangement ltsliers the financial risks was not .foreseon wh^ii the noted as part of its progress lasted until 1969, when- with. were minimal. Forum. saw to - Chile book was first commis- report : "In its first two three books published it the selection of authors, the sioned. The idea of a book out , tic i,i I orimr World-I'e:atures lapsed, mainly because. the commissioning of the-actual . Chile ).vas first mooted byi Sur provided the I--IS with a books and then sent a swoop Forum In 1971 at a.tirrte_ significant means to counter ^^ ~^? ^~ ' ~^ sis to the publishers. David when the Allende govern-" (r,ornirirrnist propaganda and and Charles would then (le- reel. was in power. It wottld' has be erne a respected fea- The authors who tide whet.lier the title would not have been a likely clieitt. q lures service well on the way sell or not. If they agreed to After- the book liad beat" to a nnsitinn of prestige In were to write publish one; Forum then the j:rrr rtalism w orld." . handled all the . negotiations moote(1 it was deciil^(} ntta It was the publication of the books wC1`e with the author :and oversaw clutnge the., author to Robert tlrzt aiemoranduun with its careful! .chosen the book right dolwrt to.the Aiass. Ai(rss was no stranger t y .to Mr CroAWS op_:atiar:s.. han'd-wri'tten note "ruin with ,finished draft. havirit; already contri}toted to he knowledge and coopera- ^^'~ "^"^ ?""~'"'""'"""^ '"' In an extraordinary prod- Lion of -British, Intelligence. ") duce for the publishing world iptil~Iicat]ons put out by' the r books ' ele riot very Forum, which was acting as /~ fol. One by Sir Robert -.4Onflict. AS Late as. 1974, -ur: of the agency. But the literary menu, then hired its Thompson, the noted goer- shortly before Forum's bur- r y at the time goner!))- own literary agent David poi i;4lated. it solely on the news ri]la warfare and. counter- Iiighatn Associates, them- pied clO:SUre, he was still wri t- insurgen(:y expert, who is ing'for the news agen^_y Side. agency fide of Forum--and selves innocent of the Two articles he wrote in that its other, lon ;-term operation also on the council of the motives of F'WI , to act for it event a.rrloti .ed. National Association for In negotiati.nn5 with the puh year both carried his by-mine. Free-dom. sold only 1, One, entitled ", russet:> --=? Thi:z second operation was that 415 mi... ? to cnrrirtli::sion, promote, an,l copies and after than both Forum in fact took all the centre. of subversion" des sides appeared to lose. inter- scribed . him as Brussels Krrt;an]r:~: the ? pnh]ication of commercial risk, It 11811- tnok, by authors of whom est. died the payntents of - ,WE. cori'esprindent," It?was f~or?tim World ' Featurer:s But in- 1971 I?oritni, advances to authors and their craisub-tf.iitno led titskyireatl re- Ii :' F) apprirved. Because of through its managing di.ree- payment from beginning to by Trootskyite 4th In? :.. .... - Mr rain. Hamilton and _.-.r its part Mr Brian Crozier. who ran - - - - anon, the pulilishzrs would ceived frortr the publishers bps completely unaware of the the. agency on a day-to-day nothing except the authors' The Scale of thf, Cu CIA connection. Thew publi- basis, reviewed the operation royalties - the normal 10 per :.atiou went far beyond t r}- in a big way. Negotiations cent on. home sales and 71 opoi'ation was revealed Lain. Editions were printed in were started with the publish-- per cent on overseas sales.. When the amount which had in the Church ~f t t:;ri and in Japanese to ing company- of David and pre i is an international Charles, ir. Newton Abbot, to be paid to David Iligham committee hearili :%?-`. il(at;L'ni-k of soft prop,),,^rnr :a. Devon, to publish more books Associates was deducted The owner of FWF in Bri- in the lapsed title series Forum would then he faced =airy and in the United States which had been started. with with either making some pro- t = ' ' s Kern Howie Enterprises. Seeker and . Warburg =?-- the fit out Of taking a share of ter:!ational." The second,' -:hivk Is registered in the US world realities" Series. the royalties, or alternatively again naining Moss as "Fs'~I state of Delaware. notorious Like two Institute for the conducting the whole exercise Correspondent' ups an or its easy company rules Study - of Conflict, which at a loss. exclusive interview with. mod already spotlilglmbrd as a had grown out of Forum, the But-as was to happen, ttri- - Pooch Powell. -13y 1974 lie -regular haven for CIA cover title sounds authoritative and known to them, on Mr Aloss's 'had also written fie ISC, ,ampanies. one of ' Kern , dis;raSsiona?le? .. book-there wits occasionally "Conflict Studies." two on ir,lise's directors. Robert The .authors who were to the prospect of nintkiog cons)- Chile, two on Uruguay, and ,vrie Gatcly, has since been write the books were care- tlerably more money than anc, c o - a u l h o r e (l with _ssigned to Ilannkok as CIA fully chosen. Many, like there would he through the Forum's managing director. a.ation officer. The accounts Robert Moss, lvho was normal small print, by obtain- - lain Hamilton, on Irelan(i. -or FWF in 1972 noted that. if commissioned. to - write the ing a large special order from Nor was,he, by the time of he Kern House subsidy, was book on Chile, had already an interested party. ' the Allende government's fall withdrawn " it would seriously got close kirks with Forum On a hook Forum-intended in September, 1973 and the 3arnage our financial viahi- either }tbrou'1t wo.rkttt ag to have published on Taiwan eventual; publication of his ity:, Apl rAl(k - lftalfl eB a .Ob111~fl :~ * -O~Cdt 1~'OO r ~r8 (7Y2 n.:rrds, any,