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December 16, 2016
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October 29, 2004
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October 6, 1977
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1i pp revved For Release 2005/01/11 : CIA-RDP88-01315R0003003 0008-2jt BALTIMORE SUN i "tA U CIA 0L_k_1nSt1 ion, S -tuh -/.o! iMKUL(I?- and 09 s dr u- S9 -9609 a # UU ULLUli3, Lae agen- cerceiis. ng the use of similar techniques by a cy spokesman said they were "generally The Hopkins project apparently dealt potential enemy, and helping the agency appreciative feof sbeeingfortthccoming." witha study of "allergiesubstances,F a to Induce amnesia in its own as well as en- . the process of notifying each institution in p esman sa d. being conducted by the CIA, adding that if mid-August. One organization declined to accept the be ever discovered any "heads would The University of Maryland and the CIA documents but requested . the agency roll." Johns Hopkins University were two of the , to respond to several questions by mail. A number of the CIA documents given. 8o institutions that involved. two of the * The agency has refused to disclose the the various Institutions were fragmentary 80, neither stitut univht we work H w v- name of any university or other organiza- and it was difficult to establish the precise eirectly associated twith drug sv. tion that was involved in the project. The nature of the work that had been conduct- M tly conducted between seemed decision to reveal the CIA link was left to ed under the title of MK -ULTRA. each institution, which included prisons, The University of Maryland's involve= and K-U, was , umbrella etwse 1953, project with 19 a mental hospitals and research laborae;.r- ment with the project was traced to a.1956' number +ofs objectives. It was _ aimed, Jes, as well as universities, Med;rat S~hR^i cPnan .,.x:.,. .. d ____ r $YALEEBTSEHISTEiYi.Ji& em a 2nts. r. ?.. ,+......v. :.-. _ _ .' $ The Central Intelii TE said y g cern, primarily because of the length of g Agency A spokesman for the intelligence agen- time that had elapsed between the period - esterday that approximately 54 fnstitu. cy tions y have said yesterday that 15 of the 80 institu- of the tests and the time of the notificaw. requested and received hitherto lions had not responded at all to the agen. lion, he said. secret documents linking them to the cy's August notification of involvement The notification process began after - agency's experimental drug program in with MK-ULTRA. In addition, there were Adm. Stansfield Turner, director of the the 1950's and 1960's; 8 organizations the agency was unable to CIA, presented two Senate panels with a In all, about 80 Institutions had been locate because they no longer exist. ?.:: classified list of the institutions that bad unwittingly involved in the secret project. Three other institutions declined to ac- been involved with MK ULTRA. called MK-ULTRA, dealing In part with cept the agency documents linking them so-called mind-bonding tests and other ex- admiral Turner told the Senate lntei- p -cane ts. to MK-ULTRA. The papers for two more ligence committee and the health subcam. processed, the mitten that no similar programs were now The Central Intelligence Agency began -I oktutions are still being Approved For Release 2065/01/11 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000300390008-2