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December 16, 2016
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October 29, 2004
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September 2, 1977
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proved For Release 2005/01tI1,rpffERp-01315R00030039OV09- , A (I.d 2 SEPTEt4B197?~ N ~c 1v< ? .'.. ly, {l ir ~ `t f X ~ I nh 8 researc u.: . ~ ~-'~~y T~'.~~' = ~..~'- :"~; i~i'`'.'.'i:fiil:-s'~..f_~`L. ~y;i.x:.~d~'."'?wr-l-~_ tit ?, '?'ff! "'!R..e'a trM-,.rte: .d '' R~? :7e.~6.-~rl.=?. ?- 1.. .,J finis . L._......_ NU ~ 44 s Q .:. Fry. - F? ".. .- c ,7r~' L .I ,~,~ ~~~~?!~c^'~'~ '~?~t' ~ `~~. ;gi.:,,~~ i,.'.`N's~' . is i ?:- `v~< ri ~ Rq' fi 3 - ~.`: . ~ :.)`rr `.,.,~ k ~.e ..r j, ?a .s ~'.'''' '~,/!14.OS~lil~~ ~ -+J'K*~w.L^14~ati.-L ~'TL wi';.-r y.*+~` "Tae ~3ohrts l3opls 'University's"? in the CiA has indicated; a k; f the valvement with a set a research . ro- "' of the Central Intelligence A p MR-ULTRA dacumeitts consist.laxgely f a y appar g inancial recordsadddl -n-a ony entlY y :dealt with astud y of hi ghly "allergic tart' information-on.the atm-of each substances;" s okes f ' ` he p or t nniver- ~ . stitrltioa s research SItV said VP_?t[+rrlao ~ ~} ;!:-;c~?1._ ::f,ri: -,._.:..... ti - -J scut ty ivuuu, a was oeueved uwt i-irtYi the university's general counsel. Estelle A:':- ll a otheMli tJI:TRAa hd b ' ..recorsaees ,,Fishbein, gave no indication that human ? `. destroyed by the CIA ln' I973, according to =' subjects were involved in the Honkies ot- ' p the agency s gelul A nera conse,nthon tion 'Of .the ag ,: envy's pro)ect t called ... y Ar The research work at the Hopkins took 'The documents !nspecte' place between November, 1958, and Au- hero for the Hopkins were. al. id s sa. Shee gust, .1962, the university sp expense forms. Mr Hewes said. - esif err tF. Hewu l doll fan, Hob- mated that the outlays recorded on.:tli 7 - was listed for the cost of the r es~ear h amend Papers averaged about ;4.00 a year.- -_-,. no names: of Hopkins researchers were She noted wryly that there was an"in= -rye-- --- , _ .. - --- - -. w 1 ,..,,cuw. nspei;GS:{( LJj', ---~.?.?,? ??? ..,.,.. o Paper'.?SYo& c1eai ng Mrs.' Fishbein; the spokesman said ..: *_ . with an $18.26 discrepancy 1; ; s; :r,,;.., a"? One sheet of paper reportedly did refeF.._.--: One of thesheets'she ? - tl to an unnamed professor of chemistry .. ` ht The .Ho ed thavthe- purpose of -lire-P-opkizis-wos3c plcim had een notifiedb th " y e was to purifdhi ..y an caracterze-allergen - . CIA -August 18 that it may have-been in; . materials of a ely..Jigh. 4 potency:. `valved in the agency's behavioral-mod-r- hi h w c show promise oftl . greaer poteistiai.,.. cation -research and .drug. experiments,ty, and have greater effect'on"pro grara:;'` 'which werea part-c! : MK-ULTRA g oys involving studiei thzal .s -ot gener.adapta- ever.'-ti~at_,code.name:. was: an umbrella ti , -..~ oosyndrorne~ ?};: r term for a ayumber?of different kinds of re~ p , resumably thes wods`nen th .rra,at search efforts secretly financed by the in:, the Hopkins study dealt with highly-,allerg.' Lelligence agency between 1933 and 1964. ,', . is substances; Mr. Hewees said ? *~ In all, about 80 institutions in the. coun.. . -The ~ re was nothing is ibe sheets of pps; a, ..'try: tale ~:IlAi7*~ 3ity of:Ma yl~tTld, :; er t .cony ed" . more *nfcrmnatjon` i were. Infofrmed by.the- CIA- last mnnth rrf. - rt--- ~,.,et -. what department- o1 -te=~naiiversity aright -j " program. Each 'institution was Invited to have been associated--vn,tg llis w ,?I Inspect the records:at the'.Northern Vir- Said. - ~? y-.- N th ' o wan ere any i n ormai ion The University .of_ Maryland's involve- cafe how the money forthe Hopkii re- ment was traced to a 1958 Medical School search was transmitted to the university- .. . study which may have been aimed at ar-. In light of these facts. Aar- Hewes said, .resting the spread of cancer cells. there is no way the Hopkins can search its Records of CIA-finAnced research at own records to obtain more detailed infor? the. two : universities are vague because, mation about the research, -= ?? Approved For Release 2005/01/11 : CIA-RDP88-0131.5R000300390009-1