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October 29, 2004
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September 2, 1977
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7 Approved For Release 2005/01/11 : CIA-RDP88-01315R0003p0.3 01 9 WASHINGTON POST 2 SEPTEMBE-i 977 C 1.4 Y- o U L- By Bill Richards ? weeks-ago by CIA researchers during earlier mind-control operation code anfi John Jacobs "a routine review'of Inactive records." named IIK-ULTRA which. began in Waahinstoa Poet staff writers ' The boxes contain records of U.S. 1950 and tapered off in the mid-1960s. 'documents which show that its chemi Services in 1943, the -CIA spokesman volved in chemical and biological ex- cal and biological mind-control experi- said. The OSS was the CIA's predeces- periments. The experimentation was ments on human subjects were con sor, 'farmed out to various private re- ducted as late as mid-1972. They also contained detailed opera- searchers who were under, instruc- tions files on chemical and biological tions to explain to subjects what they CIA Director Stansfield Turner has . ? maintained that the only sketchy fi. experimentation run from 1949? until were, receiving, the CIA spokesman the mid-1950s under the CIA's code said. -The ? spokesman called , 1LK nancial records left in the CIA's. files-. names. Bluebird and;; Artichoke, Sub- SEARCH a "sanitized" version of the on its mind-control .projects showed:' jects of the experiments included CIA earlier MK ULTRA operation- human experimentation was discontin personnel who were' aware of the ex- Turner Publicly deplored the hu- ued in 1964. periments and -foreigners who may man experimentation aspects of 11K. The newly discovered files-14 fold- not have been, according to the CIA. ULTRA- last month.' Full records on ers with about 700' pages of financial The CIA spokesman said he was not .. the CIA mind-control. Programswere records--indicate that human subjects aware if the Bluebird/Artichoke docu- destroyed by Gottlieb just before he were .experimented on - with their ments, which- are' : still classified, retired in 1973, according to secret knowledge under the CIA's Project showed any experimentation on pris- testimony by Gottlieb to the Senate , // MR-SEARCH until the project -was oners of war captured in Korea. North Intelligence Committee last year. Dur l halted by CIA Technical Services Di- Korean officials accused the United ing that testimony Gottlieb -insisted rector Sidney Gottlieb-. on July 10,', States in 1951 of conducting bacterio- he had forgotten most of the details 1972.' logical experimentation on captured of the programs. had been located aniot o budget mate- Hied the charges. - looked during previous searches-de- of - addition't- detailed '? intelligence cribed by the CIA. as "skimpy." The. CIA as "thorough"-because of the.. " files- were stumbled.,-. upon several project was the CIA's successor to an . agency's poor filing system._ 'he system was screwed up;' the'' CIA spokesman said. `" We:,didn't find .the old files because all early records Were.. compartmentalized , and we. looked in the wrong compartment.." _ He said It was. possible' that. 'adds tiona records , on the, agency's- drug and mind-control'`experiments;.`may, still be discovered- ` In a'~'related deveIopnaent, Johns Hopkins University said~`yesterday ,,that it' 'was among 86 private ,insti_tit tions involved in lt?IK=ULTIi An iii named: chemistry professor was ? paid- from 1964 to1966 by the CIA to del velop allergins for the agency under a project titled "harassment" by the in. telligence agency,: .- , ,~;-;~ Approved For Release 2005/01/11: CIA-RDP88-01315R00030039010,-9 .' t ,icy nJS_