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December 16, 2016
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October 29, 2004
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August 19, 1977
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F Approved For Release 20 M y.ALEERT SEH STEA i; tx. ";" '; i'.=? ? the following statement after receipt of The medical school stuc ytuas deslgnat 'fled the Johns Hopkins University pester; Be Johns Hopkins university has re ? projects in the MIK-ULTRA program,,aew ,day that it may have been involved in the, celved a letter from the Central Inteui'' cording to Advt. Stansfield Turner:CJ.A. agency's behavioral modification research genee Agency in connection with research: director, who testified cn this riatter-ba-' and drug experiments in ,the 1950's and designed m identify materials and meth-: fore a congressional panel August 3 .1950?& ods useful in altering human behavior pat "I have verified that this project was a Hopkins was. the second Maryland in= terns that was sponsored by the agency in_ one-time thing and did :stitiition, among'80 in:the nation, to be so the 1950's and 196Ws..:.: ?.;t r' rc_J.a g not involve any ;infoi~sed by the CIA:.;he-,University of "'The letter states-that Johns Hopkins is~ other organization, Mr. Smith said. , his land received a similar. notification included, among the institutions at which "I have also established that subproject Tub some portion of this research, appears to 59-was the only project the university was have been performedt..oryrith Which one.- involva'din A College Perk official said yesterday or more individuals performing some a$- "There is no evidence the project re- the university's involvement had 'been pectof this research were affiliated -., celved any significant results or had any traced to a 1956 medical school stud value tocancer study ortheClA. - ~-? - 'tosting - $3,750.. which may.= have been""' ` "The ''university is studying-the letter . -.The CIA also said, Mr. Smith reported, - aimed at arresting the spread of cancer :from the, CIA and will have ? no furthers that the Maryland medical school and. the cells., ' comment at this time., scientific researcher involved "are. conk The spokesman :said the letter, which pletely unwitting of agency interest'- in 11 The CIS secret ..project, conducted appeared to be A form letter..was ad- , ,Irk-ULTRA program. - - from 1953 to' 1964, was. code-named MK- dressed to Dr Steven Muller, the Hopkins The name of the medical school re. ULTRA and has been described as-?an president. Dr.` Muller's office said he was searcher had been deleted from the CIA's "umbrella" operation that apparer~tlycov.=', ,on vacation and "can't be reached." docarnents, bir. Smith said.. - ered many kinds of r esearcb;?includine so-:. , .. Dr.` ;Ricliard S. Ross,'dean of the flop-; He said the medical school work was! called mind-bending experiments., and p': riru. tests. ` kin$ medical school: was asked if he }.Help initiated about April of 195& and was ells iyhat the CIA project might have been.. continued a year later. The program was in concert with CIA efforts to perfect certain interro non "I really don't,", Dr Ross .replied.."`y'ou . A university financial report; caverlng. p ga probably know as much about 14s do" : -a period from April, 1956, to March, 1957,i techniques,, detect 'use of similar'tech.", } "Asked what Hopkins's next step ralgb ... indicates that the university spent most of.: biques by an enemy and enable the agency ; be.; be:said. he did not know: adding that, the $3,750 on "permanent equipment-" to y induce amnesia in its own as well as en spy future: moves would be up t4. Wrest Nearly $2,800 went for equipment. em agents ,;x -r .i A sno P kesrnan for Johns Ho kins;issued W s ept.I~iuller,,;, w;? ;. r.~ `t'lnly'$400 was used for salaries; $209 Ross 'recalled that ,behad been'at ; l for consumable-, supplies, and $278 the Hopkins in the 1950's but was unaware was charged to overhead. - of any CIA-sponsored research. `,. ?. : Smith said the CIA has told Mary,. The University of Maryland, 'wit'e.: land that to the best of the agency's knowl-- hour head start on Hopkins. has been in edge there is no other university involve-i contact with the CIA and has been able:to. ment, adding that "I feel comfortable my-. a good deal of information about self" with that conclusion. -=,?.~.. its involvement with Mr. Smith, who has checked other dive-' Robert G Smith. the ;university's vice . . president :for development, said the C .,- i mom ,. of the university' also said "I'm sat sfied :`: this is essentially a closed case.'` has told Maryland that in 1956 the depart-.. A esman for the CIA cated that, rnent of pharmacology at,'the Schogl'4( Medicine had requested sup p from 'a many of the institutions involved inr MK-1 "financial source" snot name by th ;C .'.ULTRA were doing just the- sort of thing to begin a study of certain chemical coin- .that the. University of Maryland .was in-; !pounds .-volved. iii: but'caine under the umbrella It was clear from other documents-!n designation of MK-ULTRA for, accounting - .CIA hands that the study was related to. Pu e- { the effect of camphoric'acid? derivative's. -?.The CIA is hot disclosing the names of Y on blood cells, Mr Smith said. the -institutions- involved in MK-ULTRA, Possibly. the study was associated with but is leaving that to the discretion of each attempts to find a compound that would iuxiitutioi:. The agency's notifications of arrest the spread of cancer cells, but.that possible involvement haver been mailed Is speculation, Mr Smith added. ?^. out over the past . 'It is very clear to me that this roject Approve d' omp ug,a88-01315R000300390011-8 ?#I.-'`fi'r