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December 16, 2016
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December 20, 2004
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August 25, 1976
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1AN I - Le-11 6 ft d o e 1 has again raised .any questions, an "??' ..r .., t ... ?. ? li ? k A 1# :; y.' '.I;t, i ? ; ;.}. ,- : k'1c Pty ?. .rif. i?`.d", f'. ~rh-e,'.. :: >~.rl .. T AO Z KS ago the body, of deeply xnmersed in the story, hair: fall, girt, were reucaled to .ing 1*atrice iimuntba 'in the. an.-:eiderl gangster was fourd put it last week iii a. long editorial detail last November, by the Congo toed with the idea of floating in. an oil. drum off, the there is,: now a. surygestion;.;that Senate Intelligence Committee. overthrowing President Diem 101 coast o?-' Xiami. His body; had " there is an: overlay of. poten The committee, whose-tempo- Vietnam assisted a g"[`oup`whieh.i been. supposed to sink, but gases tially. ; embarrassing: information nary mandate expired earlier this later. shot Sr. Raphael Tru)ila~ ie e2 iinn I ~- -u13i3 uuu3 Q51, j v /14 ;tR TrCr 7 AP Pgi red For R o.V P iGF i f~ . rheones a bc~rt :the en- rac ' h n y r# e eo spl `"- *+'+C' t,Kr` -': ftti~ .,: ..n;.kc'ii,.w?:..: r-~a'.d 4`k -ik*L -.:.. r?'i.e./.r .ly Si. ''1sb s- -< T 1 ave- never. keen" properly laid. to rest. / second /afia gangster who claled he kne from decomposition kept it, sufficiently .persuasiveto keep.aa year,-, was set up' in..January,.of the Dominican Republic and afloat: t' .. awful lot of people fj,orn wanting 1975, following, widespread alle- considered -- rexnovin. General .iiz . murder, bore all.:the to have, this thing and gitions of , what it later called Rene Schneider, -chief- -of- the mai`:s:,of'the Mafia, which has Senator,.Richarcl Schneiker, Mr general:. stale in :Chile:; under way- before, -but-its 7significance ning mate concluded after chair Air; Gianacana- was shotdead+ almost certainly a ctends far. be- ing a. special 'sub committee an f ; r a in his closely-guarded, Chicago y pnd that' of .just another gang the assassination that ."the. only K~ ~ Y home- just. before he was due to land -slat ing For it is the latest thing I ani certain of is that we , fa, rx v, give evidence to this committee in a senesof puzzling incidents do notyetknow the . truth about s RI who testified twice that hay e raised -important new, it" r sal:. 1 f " i{ 3 s f 2 questions - bout ,the assassin- his now -also snot as untirriely so much ias been .written ~ c s end ; Mr >: Gianacana:.incident- stroll of President John Kennedy abaut;the monger an; Urllas,f.so ally also ,read a girl friend called in ,.2963 gnestions now being many.,,false? :leads hage lee :.rep # r !~~1 `, f -Judith. Campbell-Exner who. says; asized with _incre2sing frequency where:: ,that %xriany people "have that as was also:, intimately Ill in Sy:asttington and' .elsewhere.. been-- tempted,' to leave :.the ? involved, with.I?residnt Kennedy: They ed - by murky -world Deopted by CL4 agents;" the tangled-:-and confused circum f at-. the:. same.: time.' Kennedy th stances,that'surrounded it alone aides have since denied this: { , rL TTST ._ __ - _ ban wi e;rgr cs y vei l uxairni- evidence are . considerable and Kennedy knew of the: CIA plots a1 t Ste -,tulips ar f from m clear h in i ' A^ in ali-their detail and the'Senate f till i i res oo dent: s s the inc .Th teen years after the death, The Presidgnt of -the' President there is now the < public mind for A it a to be 2 Intelligence =Chin:nittee .skirted more fret-rest tin there has attempt: to `set. down:-,the- latest Astiti been for: -years -in its --?circumthe domesc and otherlnfelli - Kennedy;. the then "AttoYney4 stances. `New information, some doubts about what happened and genre agencies serving, the U.S. General, is generally believed to of:ivhien- tie-Warren investigat why, doubts which now seem Government . ? It,,, issued `an have known--of their.'existence, in8' cots-nission' did -not-have,, more-.than ever:- likely to?-lead,interim -report last' year an' a.-but;it'is not clear'if he too was and'.:' soure`r' which:'it "chose - to eventually to 'a new full scale ?in- final'- one .this - spring and ? the aware of their extent. ignore;- has''-raised'.perplexin?; quirt'.` latter concluded :that,,"intelli~- The Washington Post reported' grfestioris -that have =yet to be The gangster in the'drum'was genre activities have not' zener- on Sunday-= that in' 136T. 3ir:x adequately answered. .Sa -`far a Mr. John Roselli, a Mafia figure ally been governed and con Drew Pearson-the celebrated., there- is nothing like any con- of "long :stand in.-;:'who .with. a trolled in ` accord with:. the funcla American investigative reporter4 elusive"vidence'to refute'--the Mr: Sam?.Giancana"was among mental principles of our consti-'-uncovered some details of the. commission's' conclusion that Mr. those who'were recruited. by the tutional'system= of, government r" link between-the CIA ? end the .Lee -Harvey Oswald, acting -alone CIA in _.the early `1960s to -take " It-took evidence from some .800 ?iiafia.- = He: was..so - disturbed by. and =on hid own "account, killed part iri=: at least onef`of' Its. six witnesses, 250 .'under oath and. them that,-.before -printing what;. abortive,' attempts' to - kill'J'idel 50 :in-_public It caused the he"had .discovered ?he- went tos Brit, : 's -the Washington Post:: Castro These attempts which greatest stir when It released Chief Justice Warren and asked which with the New York Times'.included the.usee of poison" en?'its:interiin report'which revealed him to-see Mr-.-Edward Morgan, -has in the?past.taken~little notice `exploding';seashells and 'even' a that?apart from the plots to kill a 'prominent Washington lawyer, of conspiracy.' theories;..is.: now, specialpoyvder, to make Castro s Castro th rCIA 'considered kill who was one of his sources- : .,. ~ _' ._'s.^.`"'ta~a.:~?,:,~, l{R_7. S;s 1 A e~y r.-~r?J. IS .., ,a.1~.%Rklh, ?_?I:'~: :C6: n'.~'f~?aYf ;''+'7,.a .lr_J+";.+ps:.e?~ i.a .vr.av-.r.cr 4,:iw. ~.. vwia.uu. . ,~e+..t..:t:.,..,.~ m.-w.r Approved For Releate 2005/01/11: CIA-RDP88-0?1315R000300510031-2