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December 16, 2016
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December 20, 2004
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July 31, 1975
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Approved F day that he taken part in a Central Inte,ug?ence Agency plot to poison Cuban Premier Fidel Castro. But, he said. t C1, 1,oil11 Atiev)J ~ F~ Y i~ 5 -ice '!Y ~ ~? ~ ~ ~ - ~ 41 By JOSEPH VOLT .. Washington, July 30 (News Bureau) -Robert l'laheu, C y Ol s!} SS .4 p, former top aide to Howard Hughes, declared- publicly to- r,j cruited by the CIA -_to publicly h ICJ e agency . I reveal -his role in t o a go sitna plan was always subject. Helmx,, ,, dor to Iran.. Drinan, who introduced the .first .impeachment resolution against President Nixon, said, the CIA Is still protected from prosecution by an 'incredible"- .hands-off deal with :.the Justice Department.', , -'F "i have come to the conclu- .slon," he_ said, "that the only certain remedy available to Con- gress and the country. to find out about all of -the abuses -of the CIA and to remove from of-- i five one,of- the perpetrators of these abuses is to initiate peachnrent inquiry into the con-, .duct of Richard Helms. - Domestic Spying 'Drinan said that the activities Helms should be questioned about included domestic surveil- lance the CIA, role in the overthrow of the Allende government in Chile, alleged in- volvement in Watergate matters. and in the trual of Daniel Ells berg, and possible perjuri' before a congressional committee. . Most ' of the' alleged CL 'k abuses now under investigation by Congress tool - place while Yielm's was CIA director from 1966 to 1973. Drina?-n said that Helms' current post as rnbassa- dor to Iran makes him a civil Approved FOicRe4ea a 20055Qt/1it eCt By FRANK VAN RIPER .Washington; July .30.'(NewMin Bu- reau) ,Rep.. Robert F. an (D-Mass.) -introduced a resolu- tion today call- - ing _ for the ha- peachment --- of : former CIA'. Director . Rich- ard M. Helms, so that .Con- gress could compel te.sti- nrony from him about "all of the abuses of the, CIA." . . U-4 Helms- Is the Maheu, a former agent -rat. the Federal Bureau of Investigation,' is the first of the plotters re- the _'life- 'of Castro =='. attempts that.reporiedly_extended through "q most of. the f 960s.` He made his disclosures at a press conference following.:twp- daus of:'his_closed-. door testimony before the Senate. Intelligence Committee' which is, investigating =the CIA .and other intelligence bodies.'. McGovern Delivers Summary At the same time,'. Sen: George McGovern (D-S.D.) handed over-: to the Senate - committee a sum- mary i of evidence compiled by Castro pruporting -to : outline 14 CIA-inspired plots on the . lives i of Castro and other. Cuban lead- ers. 'McGovern, who visited Cuba in* May and asked Castro to put - togetherthe list of alleged assassination - attempts, said he hadno way to verify the Cuban premier's allegations. .In handing over the summary to, the 'Intelligence Committee's staff ;:director, ti~'illiam Miller, McGovern said that 'much of it was ' based on confessions, 'and-1 prisinpe :those- people-,are- still in prison"' "I do not know ifs they were. tortured the senator went on. Irfaheu, nosy a_ Las Vegas busi-- nessman,, said at his -Bross =-con fereice' -:: that he Aiad worlked several years fo3 - tiie - Cl l` on . a . ,, of 5500 a`nionth--During the- 1950s, :he _said, he provided "cover" -. for some QIA -.agents- working overseas bar listing: them as-'employes of his - pub] ,_rela,- tions concern. W]iile'ywvorking-for' Hughes. iii 1960, be-. .id;.',he lugs ordered= by 'the' CIA to:--take, part>, in a plan to kill Castrba: Mahen,'said- that ;h s project-officer, whom lie "identi fied as ? James -O'Connell, _ had-} asked him to recruit the mobster John Rosselli in- a plot to' poison'. Castro, Maher said that Rosselli had at first been-"reluctant" to engage in the plot, but that both Rosselli . and an associate, . Sam Giancana, a major underworld Constitution to the. imp(- _-6hi)tent ', coip Iiicccj that .so' "%vo ill' process. + he ^n akin it 'cantributidn to na- tinnal security," ? 31 JULY 1275 005/01/111" (" .RDP88-01 '5R0 /'-- U 0064-6