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December 16, 2016
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December 20, 2004
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July 10, 1975
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THE HE 1 YORK DAILY N JS _ Approved For Release 2005/01/ld :JQJC61iT RE FT88-01315R00030051007-2/ r E Gray, an rsen Maxwell B..Taylor, former i4lastivell .-Taylor on hand to Gen., 1 of C-+. -CfTA -T- tcostiow, Kennedy and Johnson, Gordon se adviser: and Associated Press photo ho rules paneLwould vote to do -away; with= .the squabbling.. intelligence` panel, which .one:. rules.. member, Rep. James-H. Quillen (R-Tenn.), described as a:?;"source of ernbar- rassment'.' to, ;the=.,whole House.,.. However'. the postponement did give Speaker Cal -Albert (D-01a.) time to'try,once more to mediate - the dispute between the chairman 'of-7-the, Intelligence -: Committee, Rep. -Lucien N. Nedzi(D-Mich.), and".five of its. Democratic 'mem-. bers. VThile the House committee ar- gued;:= . the', Senate-; Intelligence Committee, which 'has been con- ducting its own probe-for months, was - expected to release a report on : alleged CIA.. assassination plots within. a month.- Today, the, co .r,anel heard from- Walt V Rules Committee,'- considering a resolution do abolish the stripe-torn -Intellio'ence Committee, heard five hours of ! often conflicting .testimony today, then `decided to post-i pone a final-vote on the move until tomorrow -1 ;There was little .doubt that the By JOSEPH VOLZ .._ . W eliinoton'':~July 9 (NTews Bureau) The -Ho'tse, ador $uaffand ambas to Saigon. Some type of new House iutel- ligenee panel, or an already exist- ing zcommitteo, may - continue a less sweeping:. investigation, but it-is unlikely to delve into alleged -CIA.` misdeeds.: hWhat pari:iculrlyeriped some Roles, Committee. members at- to- day's,hearing were -alleged- "se- curity leaks"' from' the House in telIigence panel:: ''Ncthmg to;,Leak" .,What leaks?.' asked Rep. Michael J. Harrington (D-Mass.), one of Nedzi's.-bitterest oppon- ents.on the, Intelligence Commit- tee,,:who.: was.testifying in an effort to keep the,_panel alive. Harrington. contended -:that the committee "has nothing to leak because. little . substantive. mate- rial..-has been turned over" by the: CIA. - `A' few hours earlier, the House Ethics Committee, which rarely conducts a n y investigations, voted to look into charges that on CIA involvement, in Chile to reporters last fall. Washington, July 9 "(News Bu- reau) -Anthony (Little -:Pussy) Russo," a Mafioso from, Deal, N.J,;. has claimed he turned down efforts by ?the Central. -Intelli- gence - Agency to, recruit him, The = News has learned. , Russo, once rackets boss. in the- Monmouth Cornty. -resort area, ' on the Jersey. shore, was 1 heard by a hidden FBI micro-:t phone on May- 2-1, .19d5,-as ? hey talked to fellow mobsters. An FBI..memo about. that meeting, made available to The News, de-' scribed. Russo as -contending that. he -had been interviewed by menj who said they were C-IA agents) and were "bigger Chant-he FBI." Interpol Invoked - The ' memo said that "the CIA1 agents told Russo they were, representing Interpol (an inter-I national police organization)."l Russo replied "that he was in the building, 'drug, and liquor businesses, and did not want toj' the Armed Services .Committee, waste his time and refused tol had leaked classified information talk further with them." ... Approved For Release 2005/01/11: CIA-RDP88-01315R000300510077-2