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December 16, 2016
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December 20, 2004
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June 9, 1975
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THE NATIONAL IYAMINER Approved For Release 206/Ar'4 :1W-RDP88-01315R000 MAFIA AND CIA, LINKED IN JFK MURDER C..M-'t-?t /(s Sal$%>N4r Did the Mafia and CIA conspire in the assassination of John F. Kennedy in, 1963? And did the ill-fated president seal his own doom with a decision he had made several months before? New evidence now appears to supiaort the credibility of this astounding theory concerning-JFK's murder in Dallas. .Members of America's top-secret spy organization and known trig- germen for the Mafia were reportedly observed on the scene when the fatal shooting took place. Several CIA agents and at least one member of the Mafia were al- legedly taken Into custody shortly after the shooting ceased, but were quickly released by Dallas police. particular spot when JFK was brutally cut down. - Few experts believe that Lee Harvey Oswald could have fired all the shots which poured Into the president's open convertible. . Many are now convinced that he was simply a patsy who was set up to take- the blame for a carefully planned execution. They believe he was telling the truth .when he Insisted that he was not involved with the assassination. . . It has never been ascertained just why they happened to be at that The 'popular theory now is that Oswald himself was elimi- irlated to keep his lips seated. His killer, nightclub operator Jack Ruby, was known to have close associates among under- world figures. Witnesses claim photographs prove that former CIA agents E. Howard Hunt, convicted Watergater, and Frank Sturgis were present when JFK was slain. Also identified in a photo of those nearby the presidential motorcade was a parolee with a criminal record as long as your arm. ..4 Approved Eugene Hale Brading, with a record dating back to 1934, was allegedly an associate of James (The Weasel) Frattiano, a well- known Mafia figure linked of gangland killings, who was then of the "Smaldones Family" of Denver. In 1963, Brading was living in Los Angeles - on parole at the time. He claimed to be an oil prospector and obtained per- mission from his parole officer to visit Dalls on a business trip. He was scheduled to be in Dallas only for the day of Nov. 21, according to records.' He was supposed to be in Houston on Nov. 22, the day JFK was shot. Why did he stay on in Dallas? It is known he did visit the of- fices of a huge- oil company on Nov. 21. It was later admitted by Jack Ruby that he visited those offices on the same day. Did they know each other, and did they meet by a pre- arranged plan? And did they speak of the assassination which was to take place the fol- lowing day? Ruby told the Warren Com- mission that he visited the Hunt Oil Company offices on Nov. 21 to get a job for an attractive co- ed named Connie Trammel. The Commission did not connect Ruby's visit with Brad- For ReleaseiapQ5fQ1*1t1ghCIAeRER t3I had given a phony name and story when questioned by the FBI just after the shooting. This coincidence did not come to light until years later through the efforts of con- cerned private citizens, headed by Dallas pharmaceutical salesman Al Chapman. It is now learned that JFK' may have incurred the wrath of the CIA and underworld figures, because of the touchy Cuban situation at the time. The young president, al- legedly, discussed the possible assassination of Cuban Premier: Fidel Castro with a close friend, Sen. George A. Smathers of; Florida in 1961 and 1962. He ab- solutely refused to consider the suggestion, although it has'now; been learned that the CIA had ' been linked with assassination: attempts throughout the Carib- bean for years. The converstaions betweeni JFK and Smathers are allegedly contained in the oral history archives of the Kennedy library. "As I recollect," Smathers began, "he (Kennedyl was throwing out a great barrage of questions - he was certain that. it could be accomplished... "The question was whether of not it would accomplish that' which he wanted it to do whether or not the reaction throughout South America would be good or bad... And 5R0N801frl5t1O1b1$ $ican people' react, would the people be gratified?