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December 16, 2016
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September 21, 2004
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November 22, 1975
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Approved For Release '1 . bars' .Dee. h Plots Kissinger said he strong- iy' favors congressional oversight of covert CIA ac- tivities and a closer rela- tionship between the legis (1/ 2.U(,,. lative oversight bodies and the executive branch com- mittees charged with controlling secret CIA 6;2.91 W,`1 .,7 I,,s SHIC From N:'ws Services Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger said yesterday he is uositive the Central Intelligence Agency can be stopped from plotting assassinations, but recom- mended that the agency continue other covert operations under stronger controls. A White House spokes- man said President Ford "abhors government offi- cials being involved" in any such plots and "has in mind his own plans" to keep it from happening again. The comments came in response to the Senate I Critics claim the existing congressional oversight panels have not done their jobs. There have also been suggestions the CIA should be taken out of the "dirt y tricks" business entirely and left to collect and evaluate intelligence. .. The assassination report C r.'1 Y, o t C u u ;r P88-01315R00300530007-7 Nessen noted that files on U.S. involvement in plotting= foreign assassinations, had been turned over to the Jus tice Department for whatever action it. consid- ers necessary. Kissinger testified at a closed session of the Senate committee-on the need for covert operations as a com- plement to foreign policy. He spoke briefly with re- porters aitertvards. Asked whether CIA assassination plots -- such as the attempts outlined in the report to murder Fidel Castro and Congo Premier Patrice j unsurnba - could be stopped,-) he - replied: "I'm positive it stop- ped. Intelligence Committee's said three such CIA covert reportThursday disclosing operations -- in the Do- implicatiion of U.S. govern- minican Republic, South fnent officials in plots to kill : Vietnam and Chile -- led to' foreign leaders. the murder of national leaders even where the KISSINGER insisted the United States had not United States played no sought their deaths. part in the 1973 coup. that It also said that Nixon killed Chile's Preside-r ordered a massive CIA ef- Salvador Allende. but he-' fort to block Allende's rise declined to discuss publicly, , to power in 1970 and. that the Senate committee re- Kissinger - who has told port that President Richard Congress the CIA played M. Nixon ordered the CIA,. only "a minorrole" in Chile in Kissinger's presence, to, that year - was present stop Allende from coming-: when Nixon. gave that -to power in i97o. order:. White House press secre- tary Ronald Nessen said; THE REPORT said the Ford saw no reason to fire`:, 1970 plot led to the murder Kissin"er or Ambassador to -of Chile's commander in Iran Richard- Helms, for chief, Gen. Rene Schneider, per' CIA director, because by CIA-backed insurgents of anything disclosed in the . acting independently, but report of CIA assassination Kissinger declined yester- and coup plots, He said the .day. to give reporters his President "has forbidden version of the affair: I officials iii his administra- "I have testified at great _ tion" from being involved length before the commi- in those kindsof things." teehe said. "They have the full' record of these operations and I don't think it appropriate for me to get into more public discus-j Mori!' ' . _ . HE SAID he briefed the intelligence panel yester- day 'on "the general prob- lem of the control of covert actions, their purpose- and relation to,. national policy TO us1ees at INA5, EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP) -- The regular meet-. . ing of the Michigan State University Beard of Trust- ees was disrupted yester- day by students protesting a possible tuition increase and CIA recruiting on cam- pus, witnesses said, The meeting, which nor- maliy lasts up to three hours, was cut short after about -10 minutes when trustees could not conduct business above the heckling of some of the 75-100 protestors, witnesses said. Approved For Release 2004/10/13 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000300530007-7