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December 19, 2016
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rov f leyase 2007101723: CIA-RDF 88-01315R000300540003-0 a FOIAB3B 10 0.6'.3 + ... '? E-213,008 / , 1 Tli . Counter-Insurgency Council, Collins- ville, Ill., once was in Minutemen, but with- By BERNARD GAVZER Norborne, Mo. L ODAY LN the United States there are, hundreds of people-perliaps thousands who say they are ready at a minute's no-: tice to take up arms as guerrillas. They aren't really worried about Ai; inva aiaa but a Communist take-over from with in, without a foreign soldier so much as; setting a too on American soil. I These people-grocers, mechanics, sales-, mren, laborers, shop owners, housewives are theoretically action-ready. At the pro- p'sr signal., they supposedly would be able) trrs 4 -Round up potential enemies. They al ready have secret lists of "subversives"- a classification which might Include tho most ordinary citizen if, for example, he was publicly known to support the United Nations. 10 drew. It is headed by Richard Lauchli, right, seen at maneuver's before he left. -Go underground and bear arms. This could mean going into the trenches against an Invasion force, but most likely being a soldier in a guerrilla force opposing a Communist take-over. ' -Assassinate Communist leaders or any powerful figures v.?oi?king with Commtt=.l operating in the Los Ar~5 'E" metropolitan lists. urea; the National Stale. ltiights Party, -Form it erretaicer government (if vie- ~, Birmingham, Ala.; the Pahl Revero Asso- toriorrs. ag,lnst insurrections) or an under- ' elated Yeomen, Inc., New Orleans, and the ground rovelnrnent (a sort of government- Counter' Insurgency Council, Collinsville, Ill. in- exile) until a constitutional government All da5cribe themselves as patriot groups. could reestablish the United States as a These organizations have been dismissed constitutional republic. by their critics as havens for malcontents. Soldiers Of Tha Right ~ But to their supporters, these citizens are 7':, be able to do those things, they now the spiritual heirs of the men at Lexington go on field :nt.ueuv a. have regular target and Concord-the citizen militamen of the practice, cr,ilcct atr :;:s of weapons and; American Revolution, F ' I k'igures as to strength, details as to ef- ammunition, watch neighbors and stran-, fectiveness, information as to activities pers n; 1i got inshuctica in such techni. are, difficult to-come by and open to ar- cians an karate. gument. t" esr :'ro thr, self-styled soldier!; of the parau lilt ary right. Paramilitary means they profess to be nonmilitary but never- theless have an underlying military pat- tern. Fitting this description arc such organiz- ations as the Minutemen, n itr headquarters in ,Norborne, Mo.; the Ca.'iiornia Ran; rs, aJ PlrCConti-sued' C~ ^.~ Approved For Release 2007/01/23: CIA-RDP88-01315R000300540003-0