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December 16, 2016
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September 21, 2004
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June 12, 1965
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WASHINGTON POST, AND IDLES .HERALIDj Approved For Release 2004UW/jl ' t: SWS-RDP88- 1315R000300540009 4 Minutemen Could Give Lessons. To James Bond in Super Secrecy / ? By James C. Hyatt 4 Special to Th? Washington Poet . HOUSTON-For techniques of super secrecy, James Bond ruight take lessons from the ." a finutemen," the ultra - right- i$ts training for the day "when .4mericans will once again fight in the streets for their lives and their liberty. A recent letter to their home office, P.O. Box 68, Norborne, 11Mo., brought this packet: ? ?A plain outer envelope, postmarked f r o m Richmond, lMlo., with no return address. pective members. the Minute- men advise: "Newspapers and television have pictured the Minutemen as a bunch of crackpots run- ning around shooting off their guns without any idea of why they were doing it. This is exactly the type of person we don't want in our organization. "We fully expect that we will have to fight in one way or another before victory is ? Use mall boxes or post of-i fices "where you are not'. known." ? Avoid telephone calls to headquarters or other mem-i berg. "Prepare telephone; codes ahead of time for future' protection." ? In recruiting neW mem- bers, "make sure he is not an infiltrator, before you identify yourself as a member of the organization." ' uILa , V ...? ..H. - SAVUV Days. L11 L111a UL glers, playboys or lukewarm "Our' diplomatic war against conservatives. If. you join the communism has already been Minutemen, there might easily lost by bunglers or traitors come a ? time that your life within our own Government... ' ? An inner assortment of material wrapped. in a heavy gray sheet of mimeograph pa- rer to prevent "your mail from being read by infrared c?ameras." A membership application f;o r m, "Classification: SE- CRET," 'and a return stamped envelope addressed to "Biolab Corporation,. Norborne, Mo." . On a letterhead marked with the outline of a 1776 Minute- man with long rifle in one band, Robert B. DePugh, Na- tional Coordinator, advised by form letter: " , . . Our members have Jong ago learned the futility of trying to 'wake people up' and of writing to disinterested congressmen. We are the only organization in America that fs actively fighting communism right now. "This is not a job for ama- teurs. It requires not only ded- fcation to the cause of liberty but the willingness to study and train until we reach a de- would depend on how com- ". A pro?American ? Gov- pletely some other member ernment could no longer be had learned his job:" established by normal political Dues are $2 per month. means. "Every member will be ex- lo. the minority vote pected to buy his own gun, blocks (sic), controlled labor ammunition and other equip- unions, and corrupt political ment." machines so completely mon-' In "practical security mess- opolize the American political ures," new applicants are told: scene that there is no chance ? "Use deceptive measures,". for the average American citi- by subscribing to left wing pe- zen to regain control of his riodicals or getting on "peace own destiny at the ballot box.". movement" mailing lists. "This They turned to guerrilla will keep the postal inspectors training, the history said, be- guessing as to which side you cause guerrillas "can fight on are really on." Search this for years,' even for genera- left-wing literature "for names tions. Guerrilla bands can and addresses of fellow travel- fight in the cities, country, for- ers.and forwarding this infor? ests, swamps, deserts or moun- mation for our Central Intel- tains. They are, everywhere ligence files." and yet. nowhere, They strike ? Use two envelopes in send- without warning and vanish ing mail. Avoid a return ad- without . a trace. They take dress on the outer envelope. away with them the arms, food Use opaque material between and ammunition' they will envelopes to avoid infrared need to fight again another cameras.:, ~. +: o aeY ....3: is daY~"m h ,;.,. ? s s i~.: wi aG gree of skill by which our, members can compete with the Communists on their o w n' terms." By sending in the applica- tion and $5, applicants may expect to be accepted as "pro- visional members." Full mem- bers must complete a "corre- spondence training course in the scientific principles of underground warfare." : J ,:-JR lray@AtFegaro it lRp, 004/10/13: CIA-RDP88-01315R000300540009-4