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December 19, 2016
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ARTICLE /UY?CrUZ#(] 27 September c.-+ .0 t b1. K U L N J\ search was done as part of the MR-ULTRA e; :Harvard .University` said `yesterday that ~~?r~??~s .:~_. . CIA Director SfansfieId Turner has re i -.:n,,.An M..ul -.. ..;:..::.._l- ...__t _.~a..: IVI ! 1 c admission --' nl ~ sr.v~lwo_ CIA's controverslalMK-'ULTRA human be- , ...., ""r'? .._.. ..~..?... , ~s...~a ?~, ?,~ inent in only One MKI~ ULTRA detailed z1ecords on the research project. be- havior project but'deniecl Involvement t r? ; t cause most 'of those documents were de- tthe prpgram's'testtnO of LLSD A'rt4 other proiac# a conte;lt;or.oU.,porteu N' stroyed.i t 1973. Only financial documents drugs on httmar-s by CIA officials` in .'6Jirginta yes- pertaining to certain projects remain. .= A spokesman for the university; outlin- r:. Stanford revealed yesterday that be- tirg the extent of: the university's partieipa terday-?directly contradicts in-'-' iween 1953 and 1961 the CIA covertly spent ;tiori for the first ttme, said a'tull statement for111atinn.. T'he' Globe';:-", has -.ob- .more than $385,000 on faculty research de- detailing?the fipectftrr research projects was :3 }., ; signed "to identify materials and methods being prepared ,; 'Jalned.inyolving at least 'tivo and f r ,. e useful in altering human behavior." The announcement came shortly after, perhaps Other. ?MK-ULTRA . pro - `Stanford Universlt~i fry California released a 4 i r ?~ A Stanford spokesman said yesterday nf t r sta;ement outlining its involvement efts. ' 4 q t "there "was mention of human experimenta } a was issued by the Massachusetts Institute of out trial the university was unable to deter- i T hnolo yon its CIA research mine if that research had been carried out. .1 C aG s he ;;un1verslttes+ disclosures followed #' y3 ':"_ _ t tl:- One of the Protects annarently involved ~cvcrttl wC c,Y; o{ relUgbanC$ Lq.. (1lscuss'tnff :; tattu"a v, p vuvn ~utitxru tr.ueFqve rersua "practicing psychiatrist" on the Stanford research until alter the' universities were faculty who served as a consultant to the apprl~ed. bf their involvement by the CIA.,:. -. A spokesnian'for MIT said yesterday that `;controversial George H. White, a CIA opera- bl hed h ho t h IA he slut, notified t a is u salt hhousC III San e sc ool o ???? ` But .the news opermesa also appears t pears t b acy of records keps t? Schein's research. The university previously Francisco and used prostitutes to administer point up_the inadequ oth the CIA and the individual research in-' had disclosed only a project' involving a' LSD to unsuspecting citizens. study of Soviet scientists as possible defer- $titutions onhaws where, and for hawlong tors r .,Other projects at Stanford included re- the projects ope-ated search on alcoholic intoxication, analysis of Other researchers at the university also sedatives (including a species of ticks) used ~.~, Fgr xamplel MIT'a admission of yin have reported knowledge. of lumber in developing a knockout drug, development volvemgnt~?in` otlly.tane 141K-UVIRA~ CIA projects during the 1950sand early' work on a miniaturized lie detector and i project--a contention supported by CIA of. ` 960s, but said the_ Slid not know if there literature search on blood-type groupings, ficials in.Virginia yesterday--- directly con,' ? tradicts inforinatlon?Th~ Globe has obtained involving at least two; and, perhaps ,other;`. M ULTRA projects. , i' r 1;t i , f pt Edgar Schein, mi fIT proles ior,.said two wee}cs ago that he` cnowingly i ccepto: . 11 C.A'rnoney;for research-into brainwashing ; tec}tn gitey;:that late `r suited In the publi MORUCIDIF, project. Approved For Release 2006/07/28: CIA-RDP88-01315R000300550017-4