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December 16, 2016
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October 28, 2004
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April 27, 1973
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'y -t _Z. o f/ F 1 -t -T-/ oA) 0 t j e S 7 Z 7 tV ( 3 A and e e.2 051 /11 : CIA-RDP88-0 0 05& 7rg /l/ L C l o (05 Some 250 persons attended the NLG NORTHEAST REGIONAL CONFERENCE in Cambridge, Passachusetts, April 13-15, 1973. Conference topics centered around local Massachusetts Guild projects (prisons, labor and grand juries) The Nashington, D.C. chapter made a presentation on political surveillance, a siomen' s group discussed the "politics of rape," and the Rutgers (N.J. ) ,chapter which planned to organize a seminar on the OEO cuts in legal services programs was not available - a wild Saturday nigh, party wiped them out! A detailed report ids available on file. Members of the NATIONAL CAUCt~~~ .AOOR. MM _ tCLC)hax~e initiated attacks on a Communist l~axt `t? ~ 3_ (CPUSA) bookstore in `e*.aar,t, N.J. and a meeting in Philadelphia. One attacking NCLC member in the latter city, Daniel L. Valdes, 24, was a parole officer for the State of Pennsylvania. CPt3SA is forming a defense group against this Trotskyist "ultra left 'splinter organization." The Od I ER LEAGUEE (LMARX 1ST-LEN ! N) ST) (OL) has expanded its activities in Chicago t OL has reached "organizational unity" with the Red Star League (RSL) and the Red Workers League (RWL) . In New York, OL is ,,7orking through the Red Flag League (RFL) ; and in Maryland, OL has "united" ,with the Communist Wo hers League (CWL) . Chanter meetings of the Boston area UNION OF RADICAL POLITICAL ECONOMISTS (URPE) have featured the following speakers: Paddy Quick, Tom & Judy Scott-Woodruff, Joanne Spitz, Stephen Michelson, Herb Gintis, Mary Stevenson, Michael Reich, Arthur MacEwan, 6i11 Lazonick, Dick England and Fred Moseley. URP.EE's Boston organizers are iii i 1 Lazonic', Carol Brown and Dan Luria. At the April 15 meeting of the AMERICAN METEROLOGICAL SOCIETY (AMS) in Washington, D.C,, a member, Dr. Peter N. Caplan, distributed materials attacking the Department of Defense's weather modification programs and provided several sympathetic supporters with material, allegedly classified, supporting his case for the AMS to disassociate itself from Pentagon directed projects. A two-day conference on the Misuse of Nedine for Social Control will be sponsored by the New York City Chapter ofd MEDICAL COMMITTEE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS (MCHR) May 5-6. Attention will focus on instances of the use of psychological, pharmacological and surgical techniques as instruments of "governmental and instutiona7 control of behavior." Workshops 'w7il1. include ,ie:dicine and Prisons, Pst~cnosurge ~, and the use of drugs i:nz con- trolling hyperactive children. The conference will be held at the Cornell University Medical Center, and additional information may be obtained from MIC'r[R, 816 New York, Ave., Brooklyn, N_Y. 11203 (212/237-5005).. The,,Rc VOLUT l'ONAR'! UN i CON; (RU), now boasting seventeen established C apte s, 1 > f i1bllshingits-bwn monthly tabloid,. Revolution, from P.O. *ox 3 ,. .8 6, i.tercnanclase "Mart, Chicago, Illinois 6065e' ci? 27, 1973 -Approved or elease 2005/01/11 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000300590067-5 , I?,f