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December 19, 2016
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Approved For Release 2006/09/28: CIA-RDP88-01315 00100005-5 STAT LANTERN OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY 26 January 1979 ishould describ i 21at Weather'\ JW r 1W e cruder Man has often resorted to violence to bring about certain personal or societal changes. '. Early on, one"learns through fairy tales that violence is permissible when used to slay dragons and evil knights, and thus facilitate the re- scue of the damsel in distress. 'One learns too - from Hansel and Gretel that if a wicked witch is 'keeping you against your will in a gingerbread house, you are permit- ted to violently kick her into a hot oven and make, your escape. - But at the, same time, most of us also are taught that while some people in real life are ;violent, we would be better off using the wordh `violent' only to describe certain Brigade actions were to make people think Tuesday morning, however, thef violent actions of members of the Revolutionary Communist' Youth Brigade against a CIA recruiter, here on campus, have caused a con- troversy that will remain in the air. for ome time. The brigade picketed Hitchcock Hall -- where the recruiter was in terviewing students ?- to protest` against capitalism and the CIA's pre- sence on campus and in Iran. At the climax of the protest, red paint, symbolizing 1the "blood of people around' the world,'' was hurled on the&recruiter. Papers, desks, walls and several bystanders were also splattered. The recruiter was escorted from the campus by police. The CIA has had a long history o recruiting at universities across.the country. Often, professors and other students, working undercover for the agency, spotted ' 'students who seemed likely candidates for the CIA and submitted the student's name for investigation as a possible employee. During this process, the student being investigated had no idea' of what was going on. A Select U.S. Senate Committee found that such covert practices have existed at over 100 universities in the country., While some universities are asking faculty members to divulge informa- tion of involvement with the. CIA, ;Ohio State has taken no action on.the. situation While-no definite proof of suchr 'practices exist at Ohio State, one wonders why the university has not taken steps to prove otherwise. And since the university has made no moves to limit CIA activities, one brigade member feels{that it is up to their group to "run the CIA off cam- pus," whether the recruiting is cov- ert, or open and above board, as was the recruiting done Tuesday. According to George Preston, an ex-marine and treasurer.for the or ganization, the. actions by.. the group Tuesday were to make people think. "Very few students are'-sitting on the fence now. We've been leafletting on the Oval and have found that people are either for us or against us." Preston said. While few students may be sitting on the fence, even fewer seem to be taking up- red banners and singing songs of comradeship as they change classes _ Tooanystudents.,still believe in the `American Dream,' but according to Preston, because of capitalism, the `American Dream' has turned to ashes. Preston compares the attitudes of students today with those of students in 1962.: "Students aren't conscious. You :can tell. by the way.they,don't vote," he said. "The only difference is that when unrest occurred later in the sixties, students weren't organized. Now we are," he said.. Preston insists that the CIA has no right to be on campus.'-Tt~does not matter that the agency is open about) its presence and students are wil-; lingly signing up for interviews. a Brigade members say that thel CIA's involvement in Chile, Iran and other countries must be ended. And the only way, they believe, is through. violence. According to Preston, support for the group numbers in the hundreds. This may be true, but with only 10 active members in the group, it may t also be true that the Oval is actually situated in the middle of Lake Erie. { Some students may believe in the group's ideas, but violent tactics have alienated many. And according to, Preston, the paint throwing inci- dent was mild. Covert practices exist _,on over-1 M. campuses `-Ask any Iranian student what he would have done if he had gotten that close to a CIA agent:' he said. Indeed, an Iranian student mayl have done a bit more than toss a bit of paint. But red paint looks better on, barns than people, and everyone' would be better off if the word;vio-4 'lent' were used only to describe cer-i .tain weather conditions, and not, 'human actions. Gregory McGruder is a senior from tToledo majoring in journalism. STAT Approved For Release 2006/09/28: CIA-RDP88-01315R000400100005-5