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December 19, 2016
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Approved For Release 2006/12/19: CIA-RDP88-01315R000400100025-3 STAT _iA 1z WASHINGTON POST 27 August 1977 Ditilogue Sought Wi ti. lli P .O S9 r ht CIA Probe By John Jacobs washingtan Post Sta. Wr!ter Georgetown University said yester day "it seems promising" that univer- sity lawyers can meet next week with oseplr-F. Geschicktcr, a George- town professor emeritus, who helped the--CIA with its MK-ULTRA. mind control experiments. ,.The 76-year-old pathologist and can-} cer'researcher established the Ges-' chickter Fund for Medical Research, through which the' he CIA funneled money to fund 1VI:K-1TLTR A projects in-the 1950s and 1960's. He has been unavailable for comment since his name surfaced a month ago in conrec- tion. with the CIA. A Senate subcom irdttee has. subpoenaed him to testify. Sept 9. The university, which last week re-' ceived official notification that it was' ~nrt of the CIA program, is investigat- ing the matter. It has received 70 rages of CIA documents, which an of- ficial said confirm press reports that the CIA funneled $375,000 through the , Geschickter Fund toward construction of a new medical wing at the hospital. The agency wanted to use one-s?_tl~ Cf the space there for experiments in chemical and biological warfare: +?+ In another development, Chancellor Maurice Mitchell of Denver Univer- sity confirmed that his university was notified by the CIA that it was one of the 86 institutions CIA Director Stan!:- field Turner said were used, know- ingly or not, in --IIK-ULTRA. Other universities that have pub- licly acknowledged similar letters from the CIA in the last few weeks include the University of :Maryland, Georg Nas.I1ifon University, Har- vard, Stanford, Columbia, Princeton, Ohio State and The--University of I'entisy1va'nia. GW has receivecT docu- ; ments from the CIA about its role but has refused to release them. ' Dr. Wilbur C.NIiller, now president of Drake University in Ohio, taught in the psychology department at Denver in 1954. He said a Dr. L. T. Miller headed the department then and died in the late '5Os. Wilbur Miller said he didn't know ,of any CIA-related; re- search there, "but I vaguely remem- ber something about hypnosis." MK-. ULTRA was interested in hypnosis and LSD for offensive purroses and! for protecting CIA agents from brain- washing and interrogation by hostile 1 governments: Other documents the CIA made ; public Thursday describe a 1960 ,MIK- ' XILTRA project to study voting rec- ords. of. registered voters 'in a search proposal, which was approeed with a budget of $7,490, expected to 4tudy 25,000 voters, who were eligible if they were male honieo; ners, ),east 30 years old.: The principal ' researcher, whose r'.ame is deleted in the documents. and ? .Nvho apparently did not know the re- search was sponsored by. the.. CIA, wondered where some of the prom- ised research material would come from. 'Mitchell said he doesn't know what the CIA's involvement was at Denver, but'whatever did happen was before Ills time. "i'm perfectly happy to deal with this openly," Mitchell said. "It's about time some of this crap got aired." A March 8, 1954, document released by the CIA several weeks ago was ad- dressed to a Dr. Miller from a person whose name was deleted. It said: "I will do my best to answer any other questions about the transfer of the project to Denver University." What- ever the project, it had a budget of at Least $7,203 for a 10-month period. Approved For Release 2006/12/19: CIA-RDP88-01315R000400100025-3- STAT STAT