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COMMONWEAL Approved For Release 2005/0(1 a A-1 83315RQi 94P1f O14 t'A _- D Santember 'q- ICAr5 i / ? L NEWS & V =WS . O 0 0,0 0 0 0 .0 O? 0.0 0 Latins America Reacts ct f~ - 0 3 Within individual countries there are the same dis turbing developments. This particularly holds for those 0 semi-democracies, such as Argentina, whose civil gov- ernments: exist largely at the sufferance of the military. There has been great pressure on President Arturo Illia -Santiago to send some of the hundreds of idle army units the } The burnin'gs of U.S. flags and angry. street demon- country is saddled with to Santo Domingo. In other strations ended in Chile by mid-May; the bold accusing countries, which are not democracies in even the loose,., headlines carried by the leftist dailies began to taper definition often used when speaking of anti-Communist off by early June; the denunciations passed by every regimes (Paraguay and Bolivia come to mind), the. group from the Association of Secondary School Stu- I 'heavy hand of the generals has been strengthened as a dents to the Christian Democratic Party (PDC) were result of the official U.S. position which sees a military response as the only feasible one in the face of "subver- sion" in Latin America. . also completed within a month of the landing of the U.S. Marines in Santo Domingo. Yet the nagging issues of intervention and self-determination remain central The decade which began with the great hope of the to Chileans and all literate Latin Americans. Alianza, the Peace Corps, and U.S. encouragement of The long-range effects of the unilateral U.S. interven- internal reform has taken a nasty turn. It seems that, lion in the internal affairs of the Dominican Republic those few countries which have attempted to promote' are just beginning to, become apparent. Most unfor-' tunately, right after the first steps have been taken to 'create a common market, Latin America finds itself Venezuela-have consistently; attacked the U.S. action. Ministers toward the end of the year. The fact' agricultural reform and strengthen representative gov= ernment in line with the calls for change enunciated by President Kennedy are the very ones which will be seriously divided on the issue of the landing of the opposed to the establishment of a permanent MLF under Marines. The democracies-Chile, Uruguay, Mexico, and the OAS when it is proposed at the meeting of Foreign and have strongly denied any need for an OAS multi- lateral peace force '(MLF)'. The opposite camp is headed by South America's giant, Brazil. In what reads like a parody of President Johnson's lofty justification -for the need, and right, to intervene against subversion anywhere in Latin America, Brazil's Foreign Minister . recently spoke excitedly of the "fact" that there are no boundaries where ideology is', concerned. that two notorious "gorila" states-El Salvador and Bra- zil-are the colleagues of the U.S. in the negotiations in the Dominican Republic and that the proposed team of Latin American liberals, Jose Figueres, Romulo Betan? ' court, and Luis Munoz Marin was quietly dropped the end of May has also caused anxiety in Chile and else- where. As it is, every party in Chile except the Conser- vative (7% of the vote last March) h o as c me out against Brazil, which has more marshals than all the rest of the MLF idea In Ar entina th P id . g e res ent is under army .the world combined, has made it clear-in scurrilous pressure to ignore the opposition of almost all of; the newspaper campaigns against. the "softness" of Chile political parties to participation in the MLF in' Santo and Uruguay in the face of the Red Menace-that she Domingo. The recent U.S. sale of 50 Skyhawks to'the intends to play the watchdog in South America. Her Argentine Air Force has p not served to strengthen Illia's' offer in early June to help crush the rebellious tin miners hand. . , i.. in Bolivia, the stationing of some 12,000 troops near Just as the "peace keeping" operations in Santo Do- the borders of democratic Uruguay, and the harrass-.: mingo have aided reactionary military juntas, so too ment of Chile's charge d'affaires in the Dominican , have'they worked as a catalyst for the extreme left. Republic by Brazilian OAS forces, are the first gestures which has long been studying "Che" Guevara's how-to- of this 'gorile regime in currying favor with its more' do-it pamphlet on suave counterparts in the Pentagon and-C.IYhiB out successful revolution. ' . 1 Paraguay Is (finally) seeing its first Castro-typo activ Approved For Release;2005/01/12: CFA-RDP88-01-31'5R000400.130014-2