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December 19, 2016
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Approved For Release 2006!T0/i9 : QTA-RDI OCT 15 1964 CA Now Seekin g He'p' uqte~~uW!an'ho Aided; By .! JtJ'Ki ;MIAR O'LL;AKY Latin America Writ-or of The star gence Agency with training areas in Guatemala for the Bay;, of Pigs invasion, is appealing to the Organization of American States to help end the exile into which he has been cast by the present military government of Guatemala. 'Alejos appeared yesterday before the Inter-American Coin.', misswn 01 txuman liignty, 11 headed by Manuel Bianchi of Chile, to ask -intercession on his behalf with the government of Col. Enrique Peralta Azurdia. The wealthy 43-year-old Guatemalan politician and land- owner told reporters after the OAS session that he-has been living in exile in Miami since shortly after the P,eralta coup d'etat in March, 1963. He said he was seized when he tried to return'to Guatemala last May and was held prisoner for two days before being flown to Nicaragua in a military plane. Alejos said he believes the Poralta government wanted him out of the country because he was one of the candidates for the presidency in the No- vember, 1963, election canceled by the Peralta coup. Alej:os'declared the junta that overthrew the government of Miguel Ydigoras Fuentes and now rules without a constitution is acting in an "iron-fisted and arbitrary manner, persecuting political adversaries and gross- ly denying the Guatemalan people their essential rights.'.' He 'said the Guatemalans must be . given their rights of free speech, assembly, home inviolability, petition and fair trial if the nation is to.retuCd to constitutional order. revolution. Peralta has prom ! ised Guatemala a new constitu-i tion by March 15 and elections' six ,months after that. Alejos declared it is a mis- take to recognize any military' regime anywhere in the world. There will never be any order'- ho said, if' "every little man in uniform" can disrupt a legal, He said his large coffee plan tation, "Helvetia," the training, ground used by the anti-Castro' Brigade 2506 before the Bay of Pigs invasion, has been sold, but he believed . anti-Castro commando forces are using other properties of his in. Gua- temala for training. Other anti-Castro Cubans' are training on property . of the .ruling Somoza family.. ,` . ; Alejos said be. is now in the construction business irk` Miami;: i I'll.+rr ,15..1 ~"tPbJcL.g":. The United States xended recognition to,. the 'Poraita 'avef ?me a .few weeks usher: the Approved F,or !Release 2,0b6`/f Old FOIAB3B