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December 16, 2016
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October 29, 2004
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August 12, 1964
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rr ]~ ~t he request bf Venezuela, which ;~~~Lli ~~li~1~1J ~~~,~clauned the Castro G~vcrnment-~ throe h terrorism, sabotage, , in- CUBAN RELATID~IS~ filtration ahd the shipment' of arms-had. attempf.ed to oger- ? Illu?mv the, Venezuelan Govern-I BAZTI1~OItE: SUN ' ~ ' ? .~ -p ?o~d Pam ~ . -7 ~ C~ic;Qe, (,'~,~,, Apprgved For Release'2D~~~~/1'i". CIA-RDP88-01315,R00040'p13005~6 ~3~- - / ~! ~ ~ ' ;ACf1011, lllldCl' ~A$ 'VOtB ~ Bolivia has .announced it will Q{~posed By Strolzg Parfy ~ ----~--,y?......y ~. ,~."~ ~V": llrulnca is stud in the issue and ._.______ IllRcxico has said it would break Santiago, Chile, Aug. 11~ t~ _ ~'elations only if the. OAS action was submitted to the World Court Chile has suspended diplomaticl.~t The Hague and the Court up- relations with Communist Cuba, held its legality. the Government ~ announced t.o- president Jorge Alessandri acted night. .ilncjer sanctions voted in the face of threats frmn the against Cuba by the foreibn min-.left that a break with C i ? h g uua m t inters of the Organization o[.lt,.iug mt street riolence. He :..:~i American States, Chile also may foc? .hvo hours wilh a delegation be expected to cut off its '.trade of the Popular Action front,- an relations with the Castro regime. alliance of Cai~munist and Social- ? Chile's action leaves only three~itit panics and minor groups. Latin-.~merican nations still}^ fhe front supprn?ts Socialist Sen- mai>taming relations with Cuba-N`I?r 6alvador Allende, a strong ~c?~aitcnrler in the Presidential elec- D4exico, Eolivia and Uruguay: 'Minn to be held September 4. I?'ailed To I1laterialize " . I-le is opposcd~ by Eduardo Frei., Threats of violence in Santia~n.~~?(the Christian Drmnc?ratic party, and elsewhere in the cow~try prn_'j~i: moclcratc leftist .who is basi-~. testing Ute Government's decisim~i;``~lly pro?1Vest. A third candidate, [ailed to materialize toni;ht.,Tl'e~ liUllce chance a centrist, i~ given Communist-dominated central of S . Workers, Chile's biggest labor or-; Alessauch?i has no candidate and so far his Gov.crnment has not ganizatinri? announced it will hold ~ lal:ei7 a hand ic; the Nampaign. a general. strike 'protesting the, Some sources had expected hfm. ' break with C b b u a, ut no date to .delay the decision until after way set. the elution to avoid any impact 1'hcre was no specific mention; Uie break might have on? the of tr~ide in the Government an.l campaign. . ,ministers, ho+vever, had orderediSalomon Corbalan, chairman oi' .bath a diplomatic and trade quay-'Aliende's campaign, said: ;amine of Cuba. - ~ "We told the President the for- ' ~ 1~ oodstuffs, Some Nitrates Leign ministers' agreement is iI- Last year Child had a neac?IyilegdL' Sf0,000,000 'trade .exchange with '"We also told him that for in-, FIavana. It included mostly food- ternal political reasons, a d+iilo- st.uffs and some nitrates in ex- matic break with Cuba tivould? be change for Cuban sugar. The ex- mconvcnient.' change was running about the Corbalan declined to give other same this year. ,drlails of the discussion. But u+- ~formed sources said the front The sanctions were voted~lcadcrs told ? the. President. that against the Castro Government street violence and demonstra? in Washington July ^S. lions niay tallow. They insisted ( GI' filer should stay +viti~ its old pol-; ~,. . ' Following Chile's action, a Appra ~,uuc, S aecl510n W8S CAgVByCd t' ~ ' .tones ~7idM o..Yl'e., are,,,~~tLay~J~/~R3R}!M :Q}]P1'IiJQd'J~rb1D~A.G.[Ji1~AAArYAA ~hAGA 7 : I! - - ...._ _ . _..... 4.., 1. --[....1. r ... .-..