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December 16, 2016
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October 29, 2004
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July 22, 1964
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Approved For Release 2W9i6/TUqbA*DP88-0131511 "?400 1 DAILY NEWS JUL 22 1964 %` cal fi..;F Y-S Coups peril 3 Nations as 0,45 Meets 111-eat of three new military coups hangs over Latin Amer- ica. And the outcome of the current Organization of Ameri- can States meeting here in Washington on Cuban subver- sion will undoubtedly influence the military's decision to move. ,Argentine, Chile and, almost unbelievably, Uruguay, are the countries in the shadow of mill- arc take-overs.' 'AriD TIME Argentina in 1962 experienced military intervention, out of which came an elected govern. ' ment ostensibly dedicated to democracy. But hard-core Pe- ronism and communism are giving the government of Presi- dent Arturo Illia a hard time over inflation. The Peronist. communist drive is actually aimed at national control. Dr. Illia still has to make a resolute stand against the Peronis1-communist onslaught. Mean{vhile, C a s t r o-supported guerillas are harassing the Ar- gentina gendarmarie in Argen- tina's northwest corner. Argentina's president has said his government wants "hemis- pheric unanimity" in dealing .with Venezuela's indictment of Cuba for subversion. This can mean much or little. It can mean Argentina will urge Bo- liva and Uruguay, its small neighbors now hanging back on the indictment, to .strengthen their stand. Or it can mean support for the two in their in- transigence. The latter course will feed the determination of the sectors of the Argentina' Army opposing the Peronist-communist partner- ship to takeover again. Chile's situation is t r a g 1 c. With a strong Socialist-Commu- nist presidential candidate run- ning for el@ctiou in September, even the democratic forces of Chile are afraid to urge strong Chilean action against Cuba.- This, in turn, serves as an argu- ment among the military that the extreme left has effectively neutralized donlocracy in Chile, It will weigh in favor of a coup- Uruguay, once South Amer- ica's model democracy, is suf- fering from extreme. political stagnation, due largely to its 'collegaite' form of government, It is ruled by a Council of Nine, each in turn serving as presi- dent. The nine are widely di- vided in personal loyalties aual have brought Uruguay's govern- ment to a virtual standstill try- ing to carve up power and patronage among themselves. NEAR PARALYSIS The stagnation approaches total paralysis in some areas as various factions in the Uru- guayan Congress refuse to pass legislation because of petty po. litical treacheries among the ruling nine. While this disgusts Uruguay's men of action, Uruguay suffers a reflected economic stagnatioct.- because Argentina, to which it is closely tied economically, is not going ahead. Uruguay's military ? men, tho outstanding in the hemisphere for their traditional devotion. to democracy, are, growing impa-, tient. Uruguay's failure to act against Communist Cuba with the hemisphere- majority at the meeting here will undoubtedly strengthen, their moral justifica. tion for a coup. Approved For Release 2005/01/12 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000400130076-4