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December 16, 2016
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November 19, 2004
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December 10, 1969
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New Times Approved For Releas 4 ? 02 IL. KANEVSKY 0 E q p P, I Qlaic, ~Zg Lie UN '169V- our. u -1 .'f"1 S V~' ki ' C C ;iu~~ Ll u~v,c00 71.. flfl t r W 10 vd., C- 1 6-ct c C G DP88-01315R000400220027-8 C aaQaccc. BOOK R E V I E W S*i Eduardo Labarca Goddard. Sc' ? -'- ~? ~C~ 1~ Chile invaclido: .eportajo a IaK ad.~rd~ In'rrornision Ixlra njarn. Editora Austral, Santiago do Chile, 1969. GtAK in the country, ana uc GU T Hr, first edition of Eduardo Labarca God- parties and groups, trade unions, and student, r1'lrd's "r-bile invaded: Report on Foreign religious and other orgtnihationS. It allocates f o t. L----r--- 7 Interference" was sold out in Chile within three about 5.5 million a yeaL weeks. Its success in other Latin American Labalca's concluding chapter is entirely de- 7 countries has been equally great. This interest voted to the U.S. Embassy,. that headquarters of i in the book is natural: it is a bold and vivid the subversive activities against Chile. He re-.' piece of journalism in which Labarca, who is counts in detail what goes on in the mansion at } political editor of the Communist Party paper Augustinas 1343 where 225 -U.S. "diplomats" El Siglo, describes the massive ideological and are hard at work. The reader gets a peep behind i . political offensive of U.S. imperialism against the scenes of the U.S. Information Ser vic ably Latin America. specially established for the purpose), od the "Latin American Economic and. Social hildh f o rom c rican knows Every Latin Ame how the "conquistadors from the North" seized Development Centre." f this Centre and other such, function o .the key positions in his country's economy. La- The barca sets out to show in popular, readable form .:bodies is to spread in Chile and all over Latin ? how the U.S. is "colonizing" Latin America '.America the theory of "peaceful revolution," without gunboats or Marines, to trace the. which would divert the masses to booistr - oses the purpose ex b p arca La ethods of ideological and political enslave- 7formism. quoting one of its own ex- ortcd theory by L g dm p ent. Its chief vehicles are The?'U.S. propaganda .!ponents, he Jesuit Vel:emans, according i. services, various charitable bodies, and the CIA to whom that theory Roger b"fundamentally under- tics and cuts the ground l i e ec a rxist d and other agencies engaged in gathering s mines" Ma " unists' historical mix- the Comm I pionage information. from under` -ouen lntierlereLI' e, aLi"L a a , %r' - ". ? D1vU \c. --r "is one of the great phenomena of these days. It Aware that the champion of national interests is the purpose of this report to reveal the ost dangerous to imperialism is tae iwork ng iltrate mechanisms by which it is being practised in e . V.L. He begins with an analysis of U.S. ideological ,subversion in the Chilean army. Washington's intense interest in the armies of Latin America springs from the fact that. of ten it is the army that comes forward here as the decisive force on the political scene. Among other things, Chi- der i ng un lean officers are given special train "experts" at the O'Higgins military school 'US . . 'in Santiago, at schools of anti-guerilla warfare the i l n eges ics and col in Panama, and at academ United States 11,9(-IC .... The Christian Democratic Party which came { to power in Chile in 106'1 preaches so-called "revolution in freedom," as against the Cuban revolution, and Washington is doing its best to disseminate that idea throughout Latin America., It gives the Chilean Christian Democrats plenti- i ful financial assistance through a variety of ,phi- -_LLw