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December 16, 2016
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November 19, 2004
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September 6, 1969
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Guardian E3/`c/ I / -cx e-coops Approved For Release 2 %bg@?L71:8tb?tAI1 88-01315R0004 02.id30C4~, ` .non ',by?Uugo D'Aiarcao SpectaI?to the Guard/gm 9 h ILLEGIB Luis Figueroa, Communist party deputy in the Chilean .Congress of Deputies, > accused the U.S. Peace Corps of spying in a speech Aug: 6 during a session of the Chilean legislature. Figueroa as. ed the Chamber for an immediate investigation and demanded the expulsion of all Peace Corps members from Chile. .The charges were documented by two letters: one from the head of the Peace Corps, William Moffat, to all Latin American representatives; the other from Richard Mishler, head of the Peace Corps in Chile, to Dr. Jorge Vargas, a Chilean doctor from Qohcepcion.. The Moffat letter dated Aug. 12, 1966, authorized cash payments for data on business activity, geological research, students, leftist groups and parties and the names of pro- and anti-U. S. personalities.. The Mishler letter, dated July 20, 1967; thanks Vargas for information furnished on student disorders at the University of Concepcion, on public officials in the area and on construction activity nearby. The letter also ,tells Vargas that his payment is forthcoming. Both Vargas and Peace Corps officials called the letters fakes. However, on Aug. 7, the Chamber of Deputies unanimously decided to pursue the investigation requested by Figueroa and h4s entrusted it to its Committee on Foreign Affairs. At the time the letters wore written, the Peace Corps had 4b0 volunteers in Chile put Qn-l 1 bU (~~ 1/~ o r d~~p r~ Approved rArri4 ~l~ t~'ltofsl a jYhle fr intelligence requested In the documents,