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December 16, 2016
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November 4, 2004
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May 11, 1976
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Approved For Releasti-20U=14j11CYA-RDP88-01315R0004hO2~O03-8. 1`t t.tAY 10",6 C~A `fit E. (, c0 Eche: All Sectors of M Must Provocations by Pablo Silva May $ (IPS) - Mexican President Luis Echeverria yesterday called upon the leaders of all sectors of the nation to mobilize against Wall Street's disruption of his government. As part of his drive for a new world economic order, Echeverria announced that he will convoke it full plenary of military commanders, governors, congressmen, peasant and tr3le-union leaders, university administrators, professors, students, and the press to expose and condemn the "criminal provocations" now being perpetrated by the CIA against his government. At the same time. Rockefeller lackeys in Congress directly targeted the Mexican president who is the leading Third World force for an in- ternational debt moratorium, for CIA overthrow. In a letter addressed to President Ford yesterday, 30 Democratic and Republican congressmen charged Echeverria '.vita "imposii.g a communist regime in Mexico... which will constitute a great danger for tlr:_ United States." The letter's co-signers include most of the same congressmen who constitute Rockefeller's "Lobby for Ther. monuclear War" led by Larry ti lac.- Donald (I)-Ga) . which has issued witchhunt warnings of "KGP, in- filtration" of Congress and the White House. The letter accuses Sec rotary of State. Henry Kissinger of indifference "in the face of the serious problem" posed by Mexico's "heading toward socialism in the style of Cuba and Chile." an obvious signal that the CIA is now gunning for a coup in 'Mexico to replace Echeverria with a CIA gorilla like Chile's Pinochet. In Mexico, Rockefeller's threats are backed by a wave of terror carried out by the CIA's zombies in the 23rd of September League. In the - ast two days the Liga has shot over a dozen policemen, killing nine. Liga terrorist. gunned clown seven police officers May 6 in attacks on a Mexican Treasury Department office and a restaurant in the northern part of Mexico City. Yesterday two policemen were killrxl in the West Coast city of iazatlan. Both attacks 1 li, t occur in ,ro:t.d day a_ n . Actin as : e political i,,il for the I.eagu terror i, the .:;c n Coy .e`tu ,is* P arty vch+orn Echeverria. i,. a .peedh seven days ago. directly- !inked to the "Liga 23" terrorists. 0,'er the past week the PCM has gone all out to set up major violent confrontations with the right wing at universities throughout the country. and is now. concentrating on a. PCNI-led takeover of the University in the North- western state of Sonora. In addition to extending the climate of terror, the confrontations with the CIA-controlled fascist "Micas" are also being used in, an attempt to kick out the strongly pro- Echeverria Governor Carrillo Marcor. In an ad in the major national press two days ago. the "Micas" accuse Carrillo of backing the PC.M and call for his ouster. Closing Ranks Echeverria issued his call at a special meeting with reps -entatives from the worker, peasant, and popular sectors of the ruling ' PRI party, as well as business repres(,-ntatives, organized to repudiate the terrorist violence and express their "solidarity" with the President At the meeting Echeverria greeted an "invitation" by the groups present (including some right-wing businessmen) for a special "national solidarity" gathering. by calling for the participation of other layers of the population. Given the strong coverage the Echeverria call is receiving from -i the left-leaning El Dia, the left-wing forces who support Echeverria can be expected to organize a major mobiliza- The leftist forces are now closing ranks against Rockefeller's terror and threats. El Dia today published t:he?4 letter by the 30 U.S. Congressmen with I an introduction that noted that "this; highlights evidence that very in- fluential circles in the U.S. are unleashing an offensive against Mexico." El Dia warns that "this campaign, similar to those against... President Allende in Chile" are "ac- companied by subversive actions," and directly links the letter to "the multiple actions of cold-blooded violence and agitation... in Mexico." Approved The El Dia attack follows equally forceful denunciations of the 23rd of September League terror. On the same day of the attacks in Mexico City. the city's Mayor Octavio Senties con- For Release 2005/01/12: CIA-RDP88-013emned the ttack as an effort to t~QAPQt~~~QA+ through a