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October 12, 1979
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Approved For Release 2005/01/12 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000400350050-8 ----AR 1 1 c LE -~~ ON PAGE NEW YORK TIMES 12 OCTOBER 1979 u r in, a ctor Church Asro opl By CHARLES MOHIi . Specl~lwThoNe.-Ywxnmes ? - WASHTNGTON, Oct. 11 - Senator Frank Church, the chairman of the For- eign Relations Committee, formally pro- posed today that the strategic arms treaty with the Soviet Union not be rati- fled until the President gives. an.assur- ance that Soviet troops In Cuba "are not engaged in a combat role" and will noc become a threat to any nation- in; the. Western Hemisphere. The language of the Idaho Democrat's proposed "utx3ersianding" was less rigid than some proponents of the treaty had feared, in not require that what has been reported as a Soviet c==. bat brigade be withdrawn from Cuba.;; A, Some officials indicated that the: White' House might find-'the proposal amt=: able- Others said-the Administration- wanted to soften the language furthers, `;:F The proposed wording, if adopted, may- pose difficulties for President Carter and prevent the- treaty from-coming: into'. force. The resolution could be read to re..- quire certification by-the President that the Soviet troops'reputed combat-read} status had been changed. This might be embarrassing to the Soviet Union, which, has denied that the troops had such a, status in the first place::.:: n - 4; v `r Church Endorses Arms Treaty- Senator Church said in a speech on the Senate floor that without this condition the pact could not garner the two-thirds .vote needed forratification. He endorsed the treaty by saying that it "serves the national interests of the United States" and. that its rejection "would be a grave. disservice to the country." He said he was proposing his condition to save the treaty, which could be re- jected if one-third of the Senate votes not to consent to it. Speaking with reporters, -Sermtor Church denied that he was moti- vated by the fact that polls indicated he faces a difficult re-election campaign. Iii It- development, Donald H. Rumsfeld, a Secretary of Defense in the- Ford-,:Administration, told:- the- Armed Services. Committee that.::: the,;: Senate should not:ratify the treaty:.. Mr- Rums:: ,fell, bow, a pharmaceuticals executive,. .thus, joined a series of Republicans who. advocated rejection, delay or substantial alteration of the treaty. .'; The understanding offered by Senator Church would be attached to the resolu- tion of ratification on which the Senate- would vote. Such understandings bind the, the United States Government but do not, change the legal terms of the treaty or rd-' quire Soviet assent, ., a'? Differences Over Interpretation The Senator's understanding provides' .that, before. the President can- exchange. Instruments- of .L ratification ; with , the Soviet Union,.he-"shall affirm that the- United States will assure" that Soviet forces in Cuba are not engaged in a com- bat role and will not become a threat three Democrats --. Lawton Chiles of., Florida, Walter D. Huddleston ofg Ken- tacky and Jim Sasser of Tennessee. At + the suggestion of Senator Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia, the majority leader, the resolution was allowed to lie on the table until tomorrow so that others may join , theco.sponSors. _ .., ~._. ; Some.liberal Senators in both parties said. essary', but they indicated they might go alongwith it to accommodate the feelings. However, there. may, be disagreement over the precise-meaning-of the-Church proposal.. A liberal senator said the Presi- dent probably:;would have to affirm only that the troops were not .'actively" en- gaging in combat functions.. However, Senator Church indicated: later: that, he wanted Mn Carter to give not simply his ably have an opportunity. to consider al.- terations in the language of the under- standing when. the--treaty, reaches=,the agreed today to: begin: processing the- treaty and the resolution of ratification Monday. This could mean that the treaty. would be ready. to go. to the floor by. the end of the month. , z .? k ~~ w, Approved For Release 2005/01/12: CIA-RDP88-01315,R000400350050-8