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December 16, 2016
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December 10, 2004
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October 12, 1979
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~ /'~ Approved For Release 2005/01/12 :CIA-RDP88-01315800040035 1-7 ~ ~~~~. :El1~iICL~ APPEARED THE WASHINGTON POST U_a ~' S 4- t. i 12 October 1979 GI,~I~_ C'.~.~,~~: ~ U5s?2~ J By ;3daett G? Iiaisar try in ,the- western hemisphere," =time he~ said thz Sovizts should with= ? v;a., ao.e 3s~:rweiur: ~ Church proposed, Both ~ theme - assur-'? .?'dra~r their combat troops- from Cuba, In a chaLenge :o president Carter anees should precede final approval of ? 'mod predicted Senate rejection of . znd the Soviet Union, .Sen: Fran'?~ the treaty, Chur4n said. .: SALT II if they did not. -. - Ch?:sch (D-Idaho) said yesterday. that Chorea said the ;'+oviets could com- There was no demand tor. with- ze S ALT lI treaty should be ratified ~. Ply with -these conditions without any i ,. loss of face by disbanding ~ their "cqm- drawal ~ in ~, yesterday's ? speech, but ? only if Soviet n.istary forces .m Cuba ''bat brigade" in Cuba as. quietly as? +. Chur: h reiterated his Isrzdiction that abandon ;heir `.`combat role:' ? ~ they apparently assembled it~ in the- ? S ALT wou~d? ~ be beaten unless the Since .president Carter had: fazlgd first place.-Church noted that: the So-I:L' Senate- adopted. his -proposed condi= - si;r_i:.icantll to alt?_r tl'ie_`.`status quo" ciets ?have never acitnowled>ed'the ;- Lions...-? :.;.. ~-, .: - :,, . .....:_' in Cu'oa thathe? him9elt.had`de,clared .-presence=of 'their ;;ombat" troops' in '~. Gaurrh's proposal- p?LCked 'up three ?~ unacce~ptable,.Church? read," ".the" Sin- : ~: Cuba, and. would not ?have to do? so ~ to-~:: early cosponsors from the key bloc of.- ate :..-:_mnst racti,i~'.~-aad.strene..hen :_satisiyhis.newc~~ndi*.ioas::-: ~..w:,;,. =..:southern"~Demo~ata- whose support . the ~eric~?ia pcsitlon.'"_; 7..ti '.. -'. , _:TYte Carter.adxvliaistration= is known :'?_for the- SALT meaty will.-be cruciaL.- Ch,Lr~~3'.t' a =chai,?.na~~'ot~ their FaT-, ; Jto feel thatit'should be~able tvsat~sfy;;" The three:are- Lawton Chiles of Flo-. eiga Relal;nas. Committee;;--su~ested ;:~: Chorea's *-iiew~='eondition9 on ;?~?the : nda, ~ialtar (Dee) ~Huddlestou of Kene-. in a"speech on the"Senatefioor, thaC:.- ~~~~ that'the Soviet troops:in Cuba-.'~"'tuc~v, and dames Sasser^of':Tennessee,- j,choice"be-_`.`are;not~enaa;in,; ;n. a-combat~~rote ':a11 of?-whom.have._.been countEd as- tween the-~maiatensace`of:;a^eom.baE-" _ even=if'taey are. organized as'a'cbm .'leaning"toward SALT-II A?. ~~_ 'r ~ -:^ unit in CuSa and a Sr1.L.T-treaty." .. . =bat brigade. Church, however; made it ~_.`~ In? another development yesterday,; Chorea- gxdposed._thst';.the?Senate ._ :clear in his speea:tr yesterday that ha-Donald I-I: Rumsfeld, secretary _o? de-~~ approve- S3I.'>iII, waich?-he??called- a ~'. ~wouldrequire a~sub.Gtantive change in''~~fense? in-- the Ford--administration, ?gcad treat~,'btr~~:Lke? that-"a?irP~a' ~ the~rpresanr situation. The, potentzai came out~?aoainst=?SALT._II Ia?testi-=~~ conditioaa~ ort~ an' a_~firmation by the -for; semantic confusion here- seem ?mony before ?th? Senate :~.rmed Serv- president rhat~?'Soviet.~li,tary forces 4`- .~?eat:: Church said he has-- discusses ~ ices ~ Committee: In_early 1976, Rums-, in Cuba are_ not-engaoed?in-.a combat- -; i' his= proposal with administration offi=: -`'. Feld was instrumental in persuading I rare.:: -. r = X.? -.`,'+ .;. -?` ~cials:- .`. ~~,> :_,- ,? ...-