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December 16, 2016
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November 1, 2004
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March 1, 1979
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a.- a w.Lra.r van L ON PAG.E____I_ PUBLIS920 by the CI}It.THCFI of SCIETITOLGGY -Wrvra Cu rvhe o l MARCH '1979 - Cz-1. 2-Q, / Foi C 0,19 "ti sc-?e N 1 a J y~ CULT OF INTELLIGENCE Records of the: experiments," no,. A few months later, Frank Olsen, al r CIA mn Mind r - permeate Over the years, the Central Intelligence Agency has bene- fitted from the- insights and. contributions -of'. psychiatry and the behavior sciences. William-Colby- -.CIA Director--:1973 .. it was fun, fun, fun.-.Where" else could a redblooded Ameri can boy lie, kill, cheat, steal, rape and pillage with the.sanc Lion and. blessing of'.the;-All' Highest? rCIA Employee 1971 The,'-. of the atrocities- perpetrated n}r4~ the Third Reich stunned"a-world: that had .sought: to-.forget'the-16 horrors:of,wars: he 'photo raphs burned their way into the mind-- piles .of bodies that reminded one of stritzpedczttle carcasses,.moun-w. tainouspiles of-shoes, grinning soldiersWatching as Je'ws:were being shot or beaten to death. Behind the names of key Nazis:--?--"- ltenbruttner, Hey-. ciricli -,333mtnier, Eichrriann, Cxc}scr[[1g; ;-- w#r1 the'dcctots, An elite itriedi -1 profession that had been called. into unlize the- 77 hircl' Retch sought: to- wipe,fromthe face of the--earth- Already targeted for: the ovens=-:of=~Dachau and.; other.' death .: carnpsr, .- Jews;:. Slavs, Unionists, Catholics' Gypsies . and other"cults" that threaten-..! ed the purity.of the Third Reich were offered for "experiments-. ie) lrt o ti rct~a~rze~ (, ~+ nurse mrssa.or~ of main tatniag a c p: othty l~ur~crtg swcurirag projusery 10:01, rapid oscillation of eyeballs... 10:11, body rigid al over. x.10:15, stimulant administers '10:20-11:45 deep coma. -CIA. One official boasted: - was a verj? minor missionary,.. :the deaths;of Rlauer andOlaorr ih-ich i had y 't icr he' honextly rev-r"" r~l .fe :h~ Ainericanpublic, Helms urged:;that thr R administered 17:15, doctor pronounces subject - dead 12:30, hospital authorities notified.-; 3:30, body transferred to morgue { 7,1 Dr. James Cattell of.the New York'! Psychiatric Institute, one of the doctors'; The atrocities ::and-.--the directing the CIA "experiment," would terror were beyond com. pre- la ter tell investigators, "We didn't know pension: A . world asked whether it was dog piss or what it was "Why?" - and -the perpetrators' were charged. So epneaulActl o F etie` a b~~ib~}li CIA-RDP88-013i5R00040041.0020-4 free. one knows now many, were. transferred CIA employee, would jump to his death i to Washington, 'D .C.,, under the aus- while under the influence of CIA LSD pices of the Office of Strategic Services slipped into a drink without his know. later to be transform d into the CIA:,` .ledge. Whether by design or by accident, "FUN, FUN FUN" drug/surgical . experimentation con While no one outside of the CIA is ,:.timed. This cime it would. take 30 certain how many were killed or per- years.:before the world would learn of a manently scarred by the Agency's ex ram tt~or . had s en"t -.?niltinnc r,r dollars- to achieve mind co'ntrols'.! or to."depattern''.people and :put them: under. the direction of the Intelligence 4ageneies 71 =actually a heretic, but I toiled Pulling tog- ether, key doctors and: wholeheartedly in the vineyards'. psychiatrists, tlae CIA quickly instituted ,~ because it..was. fun, fun,,.,- ..Its research.-:-programs. Spurred by where else could a red-blooded horror= stories of "brainwashing' in. American boy lie, kill, cheat, the- Korean Warr (which., explained to a. steal,. rape and pillage-with the =stunned Amezzca ,. why a few."of , its :sanction x. and," blessing the fighting men had`nconfessed ib'wa - All=Highest?" CIA DEATHS' their code name, MK ULTRA :crimes) the agency began a mind race The recipient of the letter. was he CIA picked; up :inhere 'the..aaz'? Sidney Gottlieb:. Chief of. the: C:IA's sio h h h di a n w ic atA. ected'' "that -American technology wa 'more the experimentation for a niumber of advanced by .the 1950 s' when the pro agency mind-control programs, which years before seen their work as-,a.,. hol first .known' deaths occurred at the e: hands of CIA psychiatric drug experi .-mission CIA officials insisted, that the : ibili ?f ty.. or controlling:people menters. The record of "willing sub respons ject," Harold.13lauer's final minutes is had fallen upon the Agency'sshoWders.; Ni neteenyears after Nurernburg, cold and terser CIA Deputy Director for Plans Richard.; Prenarcosts"-apprehensive, consider-' Helmsy who would take control of the:' administered at 9,53 a.m. argued thatFor over a decade- the ;} Postnarco.cis 9:59, subiect co restlesc`' Clandestine:Services h ar .rrdd {stc} the t t t c r t e2, Approved For Release 2005/01/13 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000400410020-4 experiments ideally should be done on "Disposal was proposed "by the unwitting subjects, .those who did not, simple process of sending him to a 0:::- know or suspect that: hey were. the- friend 'in" {deleted)" but -.the- idea was- x-`` d iroI drug or tech rejected. "An "'Artichoke approach" n durable control'of (the persciri's)'future behavior"including "bell- for it con- flict with the subject's normal pattern.". The project was given maximum target 01-3. min -co nique, often in cooperation with drug was raised "to see if it would be possible security in 1960 and it was urged that to reoriehit (deleted) favorably toward "in order to keep u the momentum of co !Eganies. 'Chemical compounds rejected by us: This operation, which will.neces the staff cons.ultant'~4nthttstasm and the phartnaceuticali.industry because sarily involve the use of drugs isbeing. th.e level of h'is skill" that tlt?:agency ibil- provide hurt much of"undesirable side effects" -~vere:also considered by (deleted).with_a poss as opportunity to exmined as "candidates" for -testing; ity that: (deleted) will -carry out he, practice as possible. according to a Februa-ry.28;`1966, CIA -operation presumably at the (deleted)-', Some psychiatrists' practices were memo. The particular'-project was to hospital in (deleted)."= established by. the CIA for information a and ~-; experimentation Ma ny were have been headed `up: by"an unnamed* The- memo` warned that only doctor who had been' highly recorn doctor .should administer .the drugs placed in Washington, P ,C. s: . mended by 'an official, from the Food and.-that' recanditiantng" could take One CIA psychiatrist, Dr. Bernard seetly: employed as P M.. Malloy, was "g and'; -Drug -Administrauan Overseas 80-60 days.': The, memo proposed drug firms ?were:also -contacted in the another meeting to decide the young Chief of Psychiatric Staff of the CIA's' C1 s search for the '"perfect" mind= man's. fate What occurred is Har Office of Medical Research, which had control known prepared 'the Psychiatric profile ~ on max. "DISPOSAL" OF AGENTS Daniel Ellsberg. Dr. Malloy' v.- s link to'tlie =;Y -3 '- "l - .-. "- -?-_lne.:. _CaSposaL UL-4t;~V "?? Lilt was not Known Uy Lils paLiei1Ls, UW1 seas 'ere experimenting with tethni early problem for the CIA mind-contra} Freedom was supplied with informa que khat had then been known by the experimenters. A 1954 memo listed two do tliat di$closed Malloy was treatipg, n codename AR 1 1CHQKE In a heavily;, a eats who were disposal . + g po problems' key political figures in a privatepractiee deleted: emo dated January 25, 1952,,, for the CIA, one because of his lack of 'while in the secret employ of, the CIA., CIA p'roblemswith one pf`their agents ability to carry .out a mission and the tn country rwere described Agency Director William Colby praised other because he cannot get along with Malloy as :i "very capable and effective The 'case involved a 29-year old': (deleted), the chief agento[ the project." psychiatrist". and stated that ":Malloy (deleted)" who had been the "head of a The report urged that "Anything and other 'Agency psychiatrists (had) small. political party based in (deleted) that can be done in the ARTICHOKE prepared the study on Dr. l;Ilsberg at the and ostensibly working for. (deleted) ' field to lessen the security- risk will be direction of the 'Director: -of Central .independence':'-- Described. as "young, helpful since the men must be disposed Intelligence." _ ambitious; bright (elementary; college. of even-at maximum security risk. The As. I,SI :and other drug expcri- education), a ..sor t of a'rztan~ri-a-horse .. urgency consideration case is meats . were' being conducted, Colby type but a typical {deleted) political,' " due to the fact that one of hesmen is blessed his mind control experimenters. the CIA became a rumor already somewhat -stir crazy and has "Over the years, the Central' Intel-, that a"foreigciintelliger-ce service had tried to escape twice." ligence Agency has benefited from the` sought to make him, a double-agent The ARTICHOKE team was told insights and contributions of psychic- "Accordingly '` ;;the to con to try and keep the two men where they try anti the behavior sciences," tinued, a plot was rigged in which were for the next two or three tnonhs A feti+i years later, 'VII ULTRA (deleted) was told he- was going to while w-e are determining the effect of would be partially ekl>~, { ! arid tlar ssassin2~teCi. anti, ac-a =` tiro&'rtiort d) the ii- atr.~ent a.od while we are^' nrw:ing actua.I causes of 1-at'ol~l Bl:,uet calf wac..placed in ctastcw . of die (delrL-cd1 out alternatn~ disposal poscthilitirs, Frank ~}Isot-'s dratlis reve~il d.. police'. -wlio threw the young man in depending upon this effectiveness." For some, the words of 4Vitllam prison. Alter.six months, the memo It. is not known what happened to Faulkner would ring all too true: he. stated,'''the (deleted authorities decided the two rnen, past is never dead, it is not even past. that (deleted) was :a. riuisance:aind [hey Experiments with' hypnosis repre-NEXT: blare from the bizarre world of ., tgld our people to take hind back. Since Seated , "a potential breakthrough in CIA '-,mind control" D our .peopl