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December 16, 2016
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November 1, 2004
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October 5, 1978
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Approved For Release 2#.)M,,:1(gI~~IRP88-01315R000400*1 5 October 1978 ne-sided .Scientolo series To the Editor: The Church of 4,~:?the various governments were ports started and, kept In the files Scientology's response to the Los hard at work with projects aimed of various governmental agencies. Angeles Times series recently run ;St`at mind control. In the U.S. these ? We filed a class action damage in The Minneapolis Star was to fm- were led by the psychiatric profes- suit in 1977 against several agen- mediately file a multimillion-dollar sion, the CIA. and other govern- cies, and . we will. be using the civil suit against the writers of the : mental agencies. courts to gain access to files that articles. In Minnesota the attacks on Hub- are being. withheld from the An objective view of the articles bard's work started to come after .rtr: church even now. We have learned by anyone who knows" a Scientolo- ` his refusal to play ball-with these to be persistent z.and continue to gist could clearly see that the re- ? groups. In fact, the attacks came fight back to get all ?the informa- porting was so one-sided and filled from the same sources.,. In 1951 it tion on the table so that correct de- withr government unsubstantiated was Dr. Hastings at the University. t.cisions can be made. and the church, allegations that it could only have of Minnesota psychiatric. depart-.:-,';, allowed to be represented by what been written to justify, the largest .ment who.led'the attack. Later, In it is rather than. by..some.old false- attempt by the U.S. government . to J,'1977, it was found through use ' of .>?hood in a r .file.: being circulated, 11annihilate a religion that has been , FOIA that Hastings and the univer-~,. 4 years .after. it's .been disproved, been one,of the largest users of the ,; perlments,':= including : the , use of as The , Star's headline calls it, isF Freedom, of Information Act 9 :shock, L.131) and other. drugs undernotbecause'of some hidden data by (FOIA) and-has received thousands the MK ULTRA program financed the church, but' is caused by the,, of. documents: over the last. several by the - CIA. In fact, Hastings . circulation: of. false, reports that' years, that:k paint a picture of ;thet worked for rthc i,A k;_ in the give the illusion that there is some-; considerable effort made .:by "var ,."i1940s.'Thus it seemed that- if the '. thing secret about the church.:.The'` ions' government agencies. to-'at- r`..'government agencies:. and. those ? Church of-Scientology has re-. tempt,,, to discredit the church through the circulation of' false re-` ports, .; both' in-:this', country and around the world. The series of a.r titles 'from the L.A `Times Is;-such?: control , .Mr..Hubbard's workthey... fight for human rights and individ 'would, destroy it. ' ual freedoms., We. are dedicated to '. From this point, .117 attempts toW. . this purpose and 'our. work stands Infiltrate the church have been 'pez to all those who wish to vlew'. an example, ,as the'writers spent:.'. documented.' Many examples. of "it for themselves. Do stop in some only, 11' hours with church mem- ^ : false reports being circulated, sur- time and look and see what is here bers while spending over three -? veillance, and illegal seizure re- ' -for yourself, as onlywhat is true to: ernment-related Individuals in pre' .:;documented. the campaign run by these. various and government-connected. groups Editor's Notes The:writer Is resi= agencies against the ' church, but and individuals to cause difficulties . dent director - of the- Church of. direct conflict in the basic tenets- of the church and the, government agencies. This i can, be seen": by the 'In 1950. L. ;Ron Hubbard 'pub.-, Modern Science of Mental Health.": . The book gained wide approval". among the American public,; as it stand themselves- more and there-, fore become happier- and more free. This book was, a best.: seller for months and . Dianetic groups sprang up all-over-the country. The government,:;though,, took a; dim-' mer. view of the book, and the 'rea-,' sons why were not discovered till Seems that the'various govern- ments in 2950. wanted? the technol ogy of Mr. Hubbard for their own., : a The Russians offered.-$200,000 :year and ` Pavlov'slaboratories: The-` ` U.S. government made similar of. fers. AIl':were turned. downas- Mr.~, Hubbard. felt, that his work would be perverted.` Irunder their control.; This. proved to be correct ' ,'70s@ocut~i~a 'i 2005/01/13 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000400410025-9