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December 19, 2016
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Approved For Release 2006/06/02 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000400460011-9 WASHINGTON POST Senators J U, J.- ou E?. :;i:' :;:chard. and John .Jacobs its biological warfare center at Fort .. - ..,..;con Pc!; s:art Center- Detrick, Md. Four =or!ner members of a secret That information is believed (on- ubnoena,~d csterday to testify pub tained in files on three other CIA scly about drug tests and other hu- projects known as MK-SEARCH, IK- an -find-control experiments con- CHICKI%'ICK and i1IK-OFT: X. Files ueted in the 1 ?3;;s and 1963s. on all three have been promised to E .e cu,bpoer.ns were issued b~ Scn. the subcommittee by Turner. ' card Al. Kenneci s Subcommittee Among the MK-ULTHA documents _.t: 112alth and Scientific Research af- still not released is a list of stocic- cr One of the four. Walter P. Paster- plied "exotic Pathogens," according -ia:_ did not show up at a closed sub- to one source. onimittee session. The CIA also has cira~:?.l up a clas- The .subpoenas are for Sept. 9. sified list of 86 institutions which it Kennedy (D-:Mass.) and Richard S. said were used during the behavioral -4chwei er (1t-Fa.) indicated after the experimentation in 11K-ULTRA. One session that Pasternak, a former CIA of those, according to knowledgeable =?rnplor ee. had gone into hiding alter sources, is the Smithsonian Institu-' noti:ving investigators 24 hours ear- tion. What part it played could not _ier that he would appear. be learned. Pasternak has been linked to one "-r., +c,,. ,,,.,.+ ar ,------,__,__ ., rr :le more bizarre projects in it'IK? LTRA. the code name for the intel- Smithsonian was not a knowing par- iger_ce a'-,'enc_?'s mind control experi- ticipant in any project of the CIA," a ::erts? Smithsonian spokesman said yester-. Senate investigators have receipts day awned by the former CIA employee Amon," the thousands of pages of o S2.OM in 5100 bills that were dis- rbuted to persons involved in "Oper- documents which have been made' -tion Midnight Climax." That project available by the CIA on MK-ULTRA nvolved alleged prostitutes and are descriptions of:a number of odd rugs given to unwitting persons lur- experiments. In one, CIA researchers -cl into a "safehouse" operated by the isolated and 'collected "sizable -I.4 in San Francisco. Pasternak has also provided the ubcommittee with a somewhat un- :ear account of the activities of the ociety for the Investigation of Hu-.-tan Ecology, a CIA-funded-research amounts" of tick venom, which can cause muscle paralysis. One agency memo suggested using the insect venom as a knockout agent to induce what the memo .writer .'called "involuntary sleep." ? . coup that conducted human behavior Another memo described a chemical :,:periments. under Investigation, known as LSE, as, in addition to Pasternak, the sen- producing the effect of "a reversible *ors subpoenaed Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, chemical lobotomy." A 1953 report. a retired CIA 'official who ran l1K- said 429 experiments were carried out at the University of California in San- uleino uy UOtUtet 'described consultant Geschickter as to Barbara, and Dr. Charles Gesehick-, having supplied misleading informa- ter, a former CIA consultant and pro-i tion to the Internal Revenue Service. lessor emeritus at Georgetown Uni- versity. Geschickter was paid by 1IX-ULTRA Details of MK-ULTRA have' hePn ' but, according to the memo, had to re. i leased nearly 8,000 pages of recently discovered documents relating to the experiments. In San Francisco yester- day, CIA Director Stansfield Turner .called the drug and brothel activities -`abhorrent"? and said the number of such CIA operations now is "zero." Knowledgeable sources Indicated yesterday that the CIA also may have taken an active part in germ warfare experiments run by the Army from ..Approved .forming consultation, a. with an `anonymous person,' since'the Agency ..contributions had been so designated on the books of the Fund." 11" The "Fund" was Geschickter's pri- vate fund, through which the CIA passed $375,000 to -a building expan- sion project at Georgetown University for work it wanted to do there In -"biological and -:chemical ..warfare." ?Geschickter could not be reached for 6 August 1977 ou IT* F`88` fLase!:?29g6/ .Q~02 : CIA-RDP88-013 -