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December 16, 2016
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November 4, 2004
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March 28, 1957
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Approved For Release 2005/01/13: CIA-R 1. This mwrarAm is for information or. 2, The only fir E y for the York by 1.957 hereto 4. A photos On 'February '15., 1957 of World War 111p of ;Mate,. said and Isis ,:i )mta against tor. Globke. This letter was made press. The : YAK PMT on art of t letter in vwws o and ?tr d TO A. o in the ,' YORK PMT in i lobke story, a copy of letter to t) of the letter to th 19 y attackir of the Scale Assistant to the Director App oved For Release 2005/01/13: CIA-RDP88-01315R000400480006-3 are based is attached hereto and west ri tr h in attached h a ared in the 19$3-ti AID Y 1 Fehr 19, 1957 p~i-oved For Release 2005/13: 3: CIA-RDP88-01315R000400480006-3 A8 U. S. TO BONN C `ICTAL ANTI The Adair gent U. S. late this th.. 's past record and Raswi. affiliati.onn a week that Oldbko id O or,... thtsred the o,c enta%-Iee on the (H.ltler) sa DAMEWU Naftmoserf Racial , ? which formed the baste of the Nazis extermination I wW&x.e The society also the ed that as legal adviser to Hitler' a Minister of the 11*4rior, Wi.'I:helx ?rte, (labke once eerotes The SP6V told Dullest dr~r.Y Vand time again, you bo personally strewed e of ova. . principles in strengtheni. .sericca' a leadership inted o k t that Globkc refused Catholics of Jewish on n the W W po & WW right to d by the Ch reb, as expressly granted in the Concordats, an that once remarked of the victim of the i racial legiel ationt ante mors earef ,ill 't" Approved For Release 2005/01/13 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000400480006-3 asked to halt a visit to Wash.; by tn the 'twat German, O , as n&A - which could damage our sti.ge in the eyes as in the fftt that 6 sly people will be entted our attention to the fact that C .~ # of as one of his key advisers has been denounced in Mee and by the German leaders, iblod ti s." Dar S i , lost year charged that Gl lce's By THEODORE KAGHAN Feb. 2:2, 1957 ved For Release 2005/01/13 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000400480006-3 The man West Germany ;:. calls its "black eminence,"' State Secretary Hans Globke;" is now scheduled to arrive at Idlewild from Bonn Sunday; but to avoid straining New: 'hustled off -to Washington on the first available plane before you can say "Nuremberg." The co-author of the 1936 "Com- mentaries on, Adolph Hitler's Nuremberg anti" Semitic race Jaws feels that a German cabinet member of his standing - he is Chancellor Aden- auer's closest ad- viser on adinin- istrative and personnel m a t- iers'__ really meat here to flag him down have ever likely to beconw, here, has apparently made sbme conces tically no government officials "days -in Washington looking tit' Why the Chanceiltor_? keeps''r infuriated Germans from left ,,ta symoot on a zeoerat teva OA wrest ,own the waterway outright. Jr their uncompromlatngly moral !.Nasser c!an get say with It, soo :many. They'd Ilk* Globke to take "And Wasbington,. aware that its, .past, dust refuses to vanish. , " ft oaal Approve r I ase 005/01/13 CIA-RDP88-Oia1'5R6004004800063 D a-B It