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December 19, 2016
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BIRMINGHAM, Ik,goved For Release 2006/11/17: CIA-RDP88-013 ECCENTRIEA' , 1 4 ' S 4Q72 WEEKLY -- 32,629 Black -viewpoint e Lho8c,_-,'. links' Giru By JIM INGRAM The relationship between even "successfull" blacks and their government is appalling, whether one views it through .the government's eyes or those of black people. With the U.S. government spying on black leaders whether they be Nixon sup- porters or not, and as moderate as Roy Wilkens or Dr. Ralph Abernathy, creeping paranoia is one result. Ask any black man or woman under 30 "Who killed Malcolm X?" and the reply will invariably the "The CIA" (Central Intelligence Agency) Sam Yette's book, "The Choice" strongly raises the possibility of Anglo-American genocide here and abroad and more and .more black people have begun looking closer now, rather than laughing at such notions among black intellectuals. Many in the inner city believe strongly that, con- trary to newspaper headlines of recent vin- tage which proclaimed blacks were "in con- trol" of local drugs powerful whites have to have ultimate control, since blacks do not control U.S. borders, ports of entry the U.S. Customs department, nor the trans- portation industry. Southeast Asia, which strongly implicates they are, the ranks of those "just short" of CIA involvement in the traffic itself, with being white radicals are swelling, too, as the CIA strongly involved, also, in at confidence in the American government re- tempts to make sure the book doesn't get ceives an unhealthy "downer" from these published. . and other observations and revelations. Another "Pentagon Papers" fiasco? Per- The CIA actually came out and said that haps, but "The Politics of Heroin in South- jThe Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia, east Asia" already is interesting reading would "do a disservice in the fight against for the CIA's general counsel, Lawrence narcotics trafficking in Southeast Asia." he obtained a copy of the work two weeks ago, then later penned a letter asking Har- per and Row not to publish the book. Now, what does the all-powerful CIA have to hide? .* * AFTER PORING over the CIA "critique" of the book, Harper and Row let it be known they would proceed with re- lease of the bopk as planned. The CIA harps that "No responsible publishing firm would print" the book. Researcher Alfred McCoy, author of the hook, has scored CIA agents for "harassment" of the publishers and contends that he's been included in 'way, this idea may get added credence, such tactics as the target of "visits, phone among growing numbers of Americans., calls and letters." The New York publishing firm is releasing- According to McCoy, the CIA could only a book on heroin and opium traffic in; criticize "Two per cent of the manuscript". The book documents the movement of op- ium from the Golden Triangle in Southeast. Asia with the use of CIA operatives and equipment. McCoy said that, even with the CIA criticism of his work, they admit that a CIA agent was involved in heroin produc- tion. AND IF HARPER and Row has itsi * * * McCOY WENT on to say that the agency admitted that one of its mercenary army commanders, General Chao La, had kept a heroin laboratory in Northwest Thailand between 1966 and 1971. All this according to McCoy, with the full know- ledge-and admission-of CIA officials. Strong charges that bear explaining? You bet, and the fact that the CIA now reports that General La's heroin lab was destroyed last year does not mitigate the seriousness of such charges as those raised in McCoy's book. At Eccentric press time, the hook ought to be in area bookstores. But if blacks are increasingly wondering how expendable A BLACK MAN on a street corner who had been talking with a white youth, re- cently summed up, I suppose much of the black view when he said: "If you had a race of people.that you really didn't want to be totally free and wished to destroy them, wouldn't YOU use some form of chemical genocide as heroin? Where else but in America can you find people robbing and killing to purchase their own suicide?" To which the white youth, supposedly radical, added: "Yes, and when you look at this in the context of the U.S. holdout in signing the U.N. genocide agreement, the hysterical detention of over 10,000 Japa- nese-Americans during World War II, and the current level of dope available despite all the busts the government keeps an- nouncing you KNOW something's awfully wrong." Perhaps. IT IS HARD to believe that a govern- ment rich and powerful enough to beat the Russians to the moon, a country so technol- ogically advanced that is can readily trans- fer part of its litter problem to that part of the universe, cannot find the necessary funds, technology or personnel to crack down on the International drug traffic. Who will we believe? Despite the immensity of the American public relations and propaganda machine, a government led by people who admit that they have lied to the American public be- fore, now has a hard time ahead in clcarinj the air on this one. Further, although there is evidence that SOME media barons were intimidated by Spiro Agnew's repeated at- tacks on news media, some journalists and broadcasters have not slowed their work at all in ferreting out and questioning our government's real role in this and other is- sues. OPI/CD Approved For Release.2006/11/17: CIA-RDP88-0135OR000200300041-6