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December 16, 2016
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September 20, 2004
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January 29, 1979
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Approved For Release 2004/10/13 : CIA-RDP88-01350 THE WASHINGTON POST Article appeared 29 January 1979 on page A-2 Work Went On Into 197?s, Author says f.3 ':.$p Bill nfichard's Ws %Wa,iaon cwt eats wMter Despite assurances last year. from' Central InteI igence:..Director' Stans?? field Turner that- the: CIA's . nand-co trol program was phased out aver a decade .ago,, the . intelligence . agency has come up with new. documents in- dicating that the work-went-on into the. 19703, according to a-new book. , John Marks,: the anther of the book, said the CIA mind-control researchers did apparently` drop their mneh publi? cized %I1K-ULTRA drug testing pro, gram. But they replaced it, according to Marks, with another,. supersecret, behavioral-control project- under the. agency's Office of- Research;,, and. De.. velopment_ ~.. - The?ORD program, used.& cover. or. ganization set up in the 1960s outside. Boston headed: by. Dr. Edwin. Land, the founder of Polaroid, who.. acted as: a "figurehead,? said.:,Marks;.in his book. The project investigated-,such research as genetic-, engineering, de-: velopment of dew., strains of-.bacteria, and rmr4d-controL-' The book. identifies the Massach setts proprietary organization kneaded by Land as the Scientific Engineering-- Institute. The CIA-funded institute was originally -set up as a radar, and technical research company -,in' the 1950s and shifted.over to mind-control experiments In the. 1960s,,.according to the book:.. Land. coulctaot:?bersreiched for comment yeaterday ___A .;; .: , ? In, teadmany-fast year before a.SeII? :.ate conunittee,.Turner indicated that most of the CIA's mind-control work ended in the 1960s with the exception of a few scattered, programs, Accord- ing to Marks? however, the ORD pro- gram was a full-scale one, and just as secret as the:.e3rlier MK-ULTRA pro. jest. , . A CIA spokesman said yesterdays that the intelligence agency. had not,, .reviewed Marks'. ? book.. andti would, make no comment until it did.' In his book, Marks said. he. learned of the program-last year.-when the:.: STAT CIA: notified him that it had iota 130': boxes of material. 'on_k: the.projert after'he. filed a Freedom'of In.oima', tion Act request:: :?.1Vlarks, a former. State Department intelligence officer and frequent CIA critic, is the author- of.,'-`The. Search; >for:'-the 'Manchurian"' Candidate which is scheduled to be released next; month. The book-is based: on about I6,OOO pages of information on the l 'UK-ULTRA and other mind-control .experiments that :were released; in 1977-and 1915. ,'- In. a-researching the 'material, marks said he found that CIA mind-control researchers trained secret "' police in 1 Uruguay. - and South Korea, and! funded an extensive progr,'am of 'LSD } and shock-treatment research' at" Me- Gill University in Canada..-,:-s, According to the book,- Dr: D. Ewen Cameron, at the Allen Memorial Insti tute at`,McGill, ran the experiments. which were paid for by the CIA. Cam eron, who died in 1967,,,received the .inoney through the Society for the In- estigation of, Human. Ecology; an- other CIA front. It is unknown if Cameron was aware that. the money, came from the CIA. Marks said the .experiments' at-? M Gill- included _ giving unknowing, sub. :jests with mental 'problems massive doses of LSD and-subjecting them to long-term shock treatment: in an ef- fort to "depattern7'"them- and plant, .new:-behavior methods iit.their minds 'About. half of the subjects were, Iefts with long-term- : amnesia from 'the; treatment, which had -little beneficial` effect, Marks said. In addition, the. CIA, under, its lII-. SEARCH project,' funded a Baltimore- biological laboratory run by. ? an ex- CIA agent to insure that the- agency.,' had a "quick delivery"' germ warfare, capability? the Marks 'book reports,' The project was kept ? secret- even. ,from,, the Army, which- had its: own .germ-warfare center at Fort-Detrick. where 'the CIA. was also doing re-, search. I ~,?- ? frequeatMfie of CU', :A.ecording ,.tci the bcsok, the CL4's far-reaching"drug-research' program, which eventually involved W universi; ties and other instttutions, was set' oft in part because of a mathematical er:: Ir, 1951; the author _ says; word 1 r eached the CIA that the Soviets had ....-.-L.-__~. run .... _ .. from the Swiss Sandoz,compang_ from the Soviets' bought only 50 'doses of' the.hallucinogen.: But: Marks said CIA officials were ,so alarmed at the ;potential of the purchase! they stepped up their own fledgling drug program and rushed two agents to Switzerland with 5240,000 in a black bag to buy, loo } illi m on LSD doses for themselves, ? The deal-, fell ~ through, - the ` book says, because startled Sandoz ' officials i admitted they. didn't have,, enough) LSD to meet the CIA request, ; r .,- .i Marks, along with ? -former = CI,A, agent Victor klarchetti, wrote ; "T b CIA and... the, Cult. of 'Inte[ligence,';l which was:.heavily, censored, by-tha-~ agency, before publication. Approved For Release 2004/10/13 CIA-RDP88-01350R001p200420015-2 STAT