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December 16, 2016
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September 21, 2004
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April 4, 1969
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' . ?FY ~ 414 ~ .. ~. Approved For Release 2004/1~'FV'\CfA'= DP88-013$ROOIOtZ4P480Q03,9-t ployulL t lt: sp)' sy sicnl n < c ca c , - r THE SECRET WAR FOR EUROPE by Lou- nt;tny, ciiicetcd by Gcncral TZcikill ;urd __ - oc atic i A -- st n ? is Hagen. 23 pages. ; 1.'n 17 1. '= C.?c_f-o'/~ ..?:~.-..- d hail dirceted r,,;I Stei'lt-f1'Ont on:igC for ---_ an n kne ea . -: conferences based on the higher asp i. "e"'e Scnsin: that the cold war. ld lose rations of ratan have failed to bring the wou . human race closer to lasting peace, the would soon dc.vclop, he rn:lintained his., 'ialts in i'astern Europe rk of a l netwo intelligence services based on the more ' and the Soviet Union, Grisly as the'' primitive instincts of distrust and en- Writ)' have ironically become the more cf- idea of using then-, may have seemed to , ~ tis th i All c fective instruments in preserving peace hscd 'Soviet, :Csc ov e,lle s ua cd I amongst the major powers in the atom- is age." Thus Louis 1-Iagen, a British au_ strategy and kept watch on the uncas-, omen img political forces in Germany. well documented "dossier of espionage ?. conducted since 1945 in a secret pout- postwar Europe, the Russians round ical struggle over Germany. Gehlen's organization easy to in itrate with double agents, primarily ex-Nazis li t s s nove The come in-frnnl -the-Cold have schooled us all in the vileness of 'like Heinz F'eitc. i elfe, similar to Brit-~ win's renowned traitor Kira Philby, for er M ' s world. urd the cspionatZeagent ran the Russian desk of. West , kidnaping, blackmail and the theft of se- tell year. I... Germany's cnniltel'intcliitienec SCI'V1Ce.~ . the stuff of which peace is made. ICU .,.,... ..I Lively negated the Gehlen organization's ir''-t?...., , c^'""' t - '.I Coll IttCrCSp IOn'll,c c'lo ts 1Q;--- Abductions Inc. The Soviet Union!..' end T ast Germany specialized in politi= cal kidnaping. Otto John, head ot: tcr- Illany'sITPV--aCOlillteres)iO11a~;eorgiUll- ~t ?,ratinn devoted to maintaining political pi 1954? Walter Linsc, dead of Germanys Teague of Free Jurists (UFJ)-one Of the. i'{ dii policy, guiding and dirccl;ng anti-So ducted in front. of A witness in :952. Uy 'b" l iuco 1-T-nn says. t'ecol?Clillf'' all iastonish-' "there, had been 255 abduct b ing statistic , < t r,w .:. Mons and 340 attempted abductions In. JOHN 1 ...,.,t e Assassination also becallle part Of Stalemate was The victory, garlic Russian exile groups in West Ger-, particularly the Organization of. ort for Wittily d , supp cumente there is much do _..., oncern lies Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), worked. ert iv l -- - i i , v? - - -- e ng act nc in Europe, and he makes a conv 1945 ,h balance of al?nnlent. To stop them, a Russian ICG13 tamed through Inc growth, care tt, feeding of espionage agencies. an Bandera and Lev Rebct, the edilot''. ti Soviet newspaper. Using a cy- l f i i an an ca o t parapol p X P. To elucidate thefunction of modern spying, Hagen ex- ankle pistol, Stashinsky was successful plores the development of espionage in both cases. Hired killers are not, world's most art ractive pen-I h e among t agencies and re-examines Most of they 1 1 -1 111- fre.i ale ' Vet. Stashinsky emerges as a tragic' u - fi es of' li . -- - g mps qiiently otlering intimate g the spies themselves. The result is a lit-',was blackmailed into "murder by the l' driven by conscience, he L ter t{Gf3 i . ona ilinlens tic like watching a three- , chess j amt played on a European chess-'turned himself in to the Allies. vel this skein Of spies and Spy- ' T " o unra Pawn board with Mesh and blood pieces.takes pawn" is the most chillingly ire ing, Hagen interviewed many of his prin- ; General Geblen :Ulil ; cludtin l i - l `- pa c 1 qucnt move, and the most desirable out .ntto Tni, n_..Cnlle i114 much personal in-' b c,t,t. 1Zussia opened the game in 1945 by in- formation never of cold war c pionage l tor h y e s brings t filtrating the secret-police forces of East1 But the struglllc goes on, date t ] b o le up crn European countries with dou . agents who were used to murder or'No end game is yet in sight. Mean-I secret War for L"11-01M make I. il i i li -w t t blackmail local anti-Communist po e, s foul ' d u til an absorbiI s'>y watcher's guide and clans. The CIA.w Ap 00 ven` or kelt; t~*e0 -,Qg~~ ( 1>3)o f4A}DP88-01315 ROOO200480003-9