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December 19, 2016
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Approved For Release 2006/06/19: CIA-RD 88 TO1350R00020059999 9 puILA~LELPEIxA, PA. M _ 463,503 867,81.0 LONDON (AP). ---The Arab : Martinez Fernandez from skyjacking of four Western Colombia. A fourth was a, airliners last year was part of Costa Rican student Alvara ' a worldwide Communist plot T..,...:.... ., - L _ Alliance?documents to the So- said. ways jumbo jet, hijacked to yiet Union, a British spy book Even Leila Khaled, the girl Cairo on a.Sept. 7 flight from claimed Monday. guerilla briefly jailed in 13ri- Amsterdam to New York Pouches containing top tain after she failed to cap- ,they caplurec1 a mass of secret reports on a NATO air- tore an Israeli El Al plane NATO documents concerning budget were taken off the over the English- Channel, toll-secret plans for the toll - planes before they were blown may have been born in Hon- Wiled NATO air and naval tip at. Cairo airport and in the duras, Cookridge indicated, exercises code-named 'Win- sands of the Jordanian desert, The name on her passport, he fex"," set for 1971, said H. Codkridge, a Vienna-born Chaves, and she speaks Span- The Central-..4ntelligence I espionage specialist, ish. Agency, he went on, later dis The September skyjackings-- Leila's accomplice, shot cosoeed that the Wintex plank and a fifth attempt which. dead b; Israeli security had been delivered to Col. failed in a blaze of gunfire ' guards while the plane was in Samih Sharraf, the Egyptian intelligence chief, and given above the English Channel-- flight, ti as Nicaraguan, born flashed the world spotlight on Patrick Aneuello an Ameri- to the. Soviet Embassy in the Arab guerillas of the can citizen.) ~ Cairo. Marxist-Maoist Popular Front. I'll. I-A nothin The papers were photogra- to do itl g t w for the Liberation of Palest- Arab nationalism o he was plied and the pouches slashed' ine, who did the job. The or and burned to resemble ex- --, a professional Communist ganization has now virtually went and his involvement plosion damage. Then they were delivered to the Amerl- vanished from the Arab scene, with the 11FLP was only inci- r The air piracy had little to dentalthe book says. can Embassy in Cairo with formal Egyptian regrets. The do' with Arab nationalism, Cookridge did not specify Wirttex maneuvers were claimed "Spy Trade," which the precise purposes of the contended: "It was, in fact, alleged . Communist plot. But part of a worldwide Commu- he said one effect of the hi- fist Conspiracy,. zlthough not jacking was the seizure of the necessarily 'stage-managed secret NATO papers. from Moscow. From a I'an American Air- "Hardly any of the actual skyjackers were Palestinians or Arabs," said Cookridge. ,The book is likely to pro ` voke Arab denials from the Middle East, where th el skyjackers are regarded as Palestinian heroes and bona- fide Arabs. Tivo of the air bandits were Africans from Senegal, said Cookridge, a World War IT intelligence agent and author of half a dozen books on k spying. . Another was Miss Cecilia canceled. From a Trans World . Air- lines 707, hijacked and blown' up in Jordan, the skyjackers' took NATO . documents en`" route from Supreme Head quarters Allied Powers in Fii- rope (SITAFT7,) to the Pent on in Washington, the book s,aid. . . These were given to Rllis slan agents in Damascus, alid Cookridge comments: "It was a good catch: They coil- tainad -a complete set of documents of the NATO niili- tary budget for 1971." "The groat skyjack open-- ation of - September 19701 already half forgotten," cail- tioned Cookridge. He warned that "in the area of intelli- gence and military limbs of government the drama .le mains an ominous pointer. tc, MORIICDF Approved For Release 2006/06/19: CIA-RDP88-01350R000200560004-9