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December 16, 2016
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September 20, 2004
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November 23, 1970
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---------------- RADIO X rcW4? t*lQ e 4 110/13 : CIA-RDP88-01350R0 PUBLIC AFFAIRS STAFF PROGRAM Barry Farber Show FULL TEXT STATION WHAL Radio `Syndicated Washington, D. C. BARRY FARBER: I'm Barry Farber. And I'm prejudiced in-favor of spy stories, fiction and nonfiction. I just can't .think of a more exciting kind of fiction or nonfiction, and I'm lucky-because I have the purveyors, the perpetrators, the preservers of the best spy fiction, the best spy nonfiction, in the United States.. As a matter of fact, like double agents they're equipped .to turn on each other. And I expect to start by putting Andrew .Tulley in the spotlight because of his latest revelation packed inside'a book, "The Superspies." "The Superspies the inside story-of NSA, America's biggest, most'secret, most powerful spy agency. I expect Noel Behn, author of "The Kremlin Letter." "The Shadow Boxer," by Noel Behn, is the most recent nonfiction in the field of fiction book on espionage (sic). Dr. Singer is a slugger, a good middle weight slugger that everybody would cone to pay the fee. Singer's editor of Saga. You say inside "Superspies," Andy Tulle.y, that the CIA. really doesn't finish last, like nice guys; but the CIA finishes somewhere depressingly around the middle in terns of bigness, in terms of budget, and in terms of influence; that there are many other intelligence agencies that proliferate and are active inside the United States' galaxy of intelligence services. And I'd like you to discuss that, because this comes as new to a lot of people. It's like saying the Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman, nor was it an empire. You say that the CIA is somewhere, you know, nondescript, way down on the totem pole somewhere.' Tell us about it. ANDREW TULLEY: Well, I don't think it's quite accurate to say that the CIA finishes last or in the middle influentially. The CIA is still pretty influential. But it's not the biggest spy agency -It doesn't spend the most money And LLt isn't as pproved For Release 04/10/13 : CIA-RDP88-0135OR000200590001-9