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Approved For R a'a -.2006/1J L]_A-- - 0 2 - TIE WASITU l,GGTON POS.i' BOOK WORLD 2 March 1968 0 7 1~~JS. J~J~.dLIJ_ v Week's Score Myra Breekinridge, by Gore Vidal A man and a woman The Exhibitionist, by Henry Sutton, Show Biz The list below Ia hued on reports received weekly from leading book. veller, and wholesaler around the nation. Because all such lalormstlon In approximate. the list should be considered merely an Indication of current popularity. Books deemed by Book World's editors and critics to be of special literary, social or historic Interest are masked thus (,pt).. FICTION Vanished, by Fletdicr Knebel Intrigue and scandal on the eve of a presidential election The Confessions of Not Turner, a by William Slyron The story of the only cilective, sustained revolt in the annals of American Negro slavery The Tower of Babel, by Morris West The Middle East on the brink of the six-day war Weeks . Listed 22 Topaz, by Leon Uris A novel about international diplomatic maneuverings Christy, by Catherine Marshall A young schoolteacher in the Tennessee of 1912 r ? The President's Platte Is Missing, 7 by Robert J. Serling Adventure and suspense on a routine flight over Arizona I3 STAT GENERAL The Naked Ape, by Desmond Morris A pop anthropological study of man as primate 2, Between Parent and Child, by Dr. Haim G. Ginolk A new approach to talking with children Nicholas and Alexandra, by Robert K. Massie 27 3-4 The last years of Imperial Russia "tolSloy, ray incurs a rc; a.. 11 ~? A biography of the great, tormented Russian novelist 8$ The Gabriel Hounds, by Mary Stewart 9 A tale of suspense in the Middle East based on the 24 life of Lady Hester Stanhope 10'4 A happy middle-aged married couple dominate this thriller -"I?? Rickcnbackcr, by Edward V. Rickenbacker 16 The autobiography of World War I's American ace "Our Crowd," by Stephen Birmingham How New York's Jewish "One Hundred" rose to fabulous wealth and financial power The Way Things Work: An Illustrated Encyclopedia of Technology Everything from atomic clocks to zippers Memoirs 1925-1950, by George F. Kennan An account of Kennan's years of diplomacy Thomas Wolfe, by Andrew Turnbull A biography of the writer who lived the great American novel At Ease: Stories I Tell to Friends, by Dwight D. Eisenhower Personal, political and military anecdotes Approved For Release 2006/11/29: CIA-RDP88-013SOR0002.00740008-5