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March 3, 1968
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DELTA DEMOCRAT ApprEm~85 elease 2005/0 E S-12-1952 ft'7A? . 3- ..-I,00^3 Lawyarlos, . StraNJO 193313-cdafl QL-.11 T QCs Lev ~c~~c9 20=171-019a VANISHED By Fletcher Kne-1 bel, Doubleday & Co. $5.95, 407 pages. Reviewed By ROSALIE M. RAPHAEL A .prominent Washington attor- qy disappears under odd cir- cumstances setting off a series of explosive reactions that shake national and international poli- tics to theft foundations. Stephen Greer, confidante of the Presi- dent, and of impeccable repute, is the focus of the widespread search that ensues. This is in- tensified when there are two more missing persons of h i g h significance in the fields of sci- ence and research. Investiga- tions seem to reach an impasse of frustration in trying to turn up clues and there are wild ru- mors and speculation as to what has happened to 'the men and .why. This is a story set in a not so distant future and President Rondebush's press secretary, Eugene R. Culligan, is in main the narrator of the mysterious events that occur at breakneck speed. It is a Field Day for the news media both domestic and for- eign and reports "on good auth- ority" run rampant as to the.rea- sons and secrets surrounding the vanishing of the three men. SUBSEQUENT investigation and dogged research uncover a possible connection between the three men and begin Eo bare. a' snarled and intricate pattern of strange relationships and also-a. baffling 'conspiracy of silence on finale could take place. Only in some far off Messianic age could it happen. Ironically enough, there are a number of subversive manoeuv- this one, but the popular the case from many quarters. Mr. Kriebel is a gifted writer and the mercurial pace of his narration keeps the reader in- trigued.with what he has to relate. His "Seven Days' in May" was a thriller and he utilizes some of the same technique in creating an atmosphere of impending dis- aster, in "Vanished." - . This novel is one that ostensib- ly reaches a "happy 'ending," but in a sense, this is the very feature that weakens the book, as the complicated under plot is as fantastic as the possibility of it happening this way. The frantic search for the men reaches from Washington to the South Pacific with stopovers in all sorts of places. The b a s i c idea is just peachy, :but man has whipping boy of the past few. years, the C. I. A., is pictured as the villain of the piece. ' One would think that the C.I.A.._was an alien organization an that all its efforts on behalf of the United States were engineered by an enemy. I, for one, don't go along with Mr. Knebel's views on this. In an age of deception and nationalistic commando methods, a few seemingly devi- ous tries on our own part are merely for self preservation.: Naivete can no longer exist, in even a Democracy, ' if it hopes, to survive. This novel is exciting, sus- penseful and timely. Read it and find out for yourself, and in do-' ing so one thing that will have. "Vanished" is temporary bore-; a long..ways to go before such a'dom. Approved For Release 2005/08/22 : CIA-RDP88-01350R0,002007400.11H TAT