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December 16, 2016
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September 20, 2004
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February 11, 1968
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DMr4M POST Approved For Release 2005/08/22: @MmRDRMifidM0~1 11 Fabru&ry 1968 STAT `Vanished' Has Key . ngredi en s, Rates, VANISHED.` By Fletcher Knebel. Doubleday. $5.95. . _ . 1 Thll, IF ONE WERE TO CONCOCT a recipe for the-modern , Good Suspense riC gredients or proportions, but the following should be included:', a sympathetic character whose behavior is shrouded in mys- tery, giving some pause to the reader; the involvement of .people in high places, such as Washington, in which some- one's reputation or political status is threatened; sex-intrigue, creating if possible suspicions of deviation; a group of people who are "in," but who have a propensity for gossip, thus, threatening enterprise; travel, particularly to- exotic places; and an. ambivalence in all characters so that the reader ' can never be sure who wears the black hats or Who the white. In "Vanished," a prominent Washington lawyer disap-, pears from the fourth fairway of an elite golf club. At the same time a celebrated scientist-teacher vanishes, and it is table hotel in Washington. Then another scientist, a Nobel- `"l Prize winner, walks into obliv}pn while "attending a top-level 't conference in Finland. T1 a lawyer is a -personal friend of:, allows the FBI to, begin investigation, he will not permit 'involvement of the CIA, even when it is discovered that all three missing persons have left the United States. The president, coming up for re-election, stands firm in a policy of no comment and noninterference: Scandal, begins ! lawyer and teacher have been caught in an affair that will ...i KT^-` That Fletcher Knebel's final resolution to all problems embarrass the president; a financial blunder of huge propor- firm. is ,,nnnvanad and flints mvnlvad mllef .-amain in 6idinn ? r. rumor as if it were truth; the president's adversary in the coming election has a heyday speculating on perversion, mis- management and treason within the president's camp. of a hiddeYl enco eed For Release' 2~005108f22 CIA-' P88-01350R000200740013-9 At one point the president declares, '.'What is left -of our open society if every man has to fear a: secret government agent at his elbow? Who can respect us or believe us when'!' or at least put up with, not immune t? the pry ng o~er ,of the Vii --In,~ 1HCty h i~ dliti? i i~tiK to , but{tr b;l i , tt$ ~l: .x wi#` 1> rsaf