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December 16, 2016
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September 20, 2004
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February 10, 1968
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ApproVi~deFo~,ftgIeas?g?2065/08/22 : CIA-RDP88-0135 CHICAGO, ILL. NEWS E-466,42.4 FEB 10 1968 An enticing tale ..Of Washington V.%NISRED, by Fletcher Knebel (Doubleday, $5.95). By kit Gordon Sauter X GLANCF at the book shelves would indicate there has developed in recent years a genre of *books about, con- temporary American politics: A glance inside the books would reveal that most of them are painfully mediocre. But ever since Upton Sin- clair's "Lanny Budd" series, ;luthors have been ,-drawing upon the game of politics - and some of its more curious players-to titillate .our curio- sity about the dilemmas and '~ual,ities of those in the seats of power. FLETCHER KNEBEL has perhaps been the most durable of the writers in this field. For one t h i n g, he is a skilled craftsman. As a Washington correspondent for many years, he knows the subject and can draw "from it the ingredients of a good yarn. His six books (three of them in conjunction with Charles Bailey) have all borne a dis- tinct relationship to what we all read in the newspapers. But he carries us forward by one vital step-into the Ova) Room of. the White House, into the director's office at the CIA., in- to.-the private corpoTafe` din- ing rooms of the lawyers and lobbyists who wield vast. se- cret power. IN "VANISHED," Mr. Krie- bel has far outdistanced both Allbn Drury and Gore Vidal. the novel ties in a presidential election; a power struggle be- tween the chief excutive and the CIA, a super-secret effort to control nuclear power, and the always fascinating stories of those who must deal with- the great problems of state. of embarrassment, such dread- ful lines as: "It was one of those fresh, bright clays of June that seem as newly scrub- bed as a schoolgirl in early morning." Such drivel is re- deemed only by the validity of his characters and the true ring of dialogue. And his pre- cise plot easily supports the air of suspense resulting from the disappearance of a key presidential adviser during a period of considerable nation- al unrest. "Vanished" is hardly good literature. But the "Lanny Budd" business wasn't that memorable either. What Mr. Knebel offers is a story as en- tieing as the gossip at the Na- tional Press Club. After read- ing him, even t o d a y's dis- patches from Washington seem bland by comparison. STAT At times, Mr. Knebel's prose co-author, w i (it Burleigh is in ati, m es c{ r ~7;c Appro.~re`,Aka a 8/ ? III J a ~, x(000200740014-8